Bitcoin Exchange BTCChina Upgrades KYC System; Withdrawals to Resume Soon?

BTCChina KYC Bitcoin

Update: BTCChina provided CCN with a more-accurate notice detailing the upgraded KYC system. BTCChina, a Shanghai-based bitcoin and digital currency exchange has announced the upgrade of its know-your-customer (KYC) identification verification system amid the ongoing withdrawal ban on Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits. As one of the so-called ‘big three’ Chinese exchanges, BTCChina enforced the...

Chinese Bitcoin Exchange BTCC Stops Withdrawals for a Month

bitcoin exchange suspension

Major Chinese exchange BTCChina has announced the suspension of bitcoin and litecoin withdrawals. In effect, all of China’s ‘big 3’ bitcoin exchanges have now enforced a month-long suspension of cryptocurrency withdrawals. The suspension will last until March 15th as the exchange underlines the move as a compliance measure after the central bank’s crackdown against bitcoin exchanges in the...

Bitcoin Reaches All Time High at BTC China

Bitcoin triumphantly rises once more, reaching an all-time high today at around 2PM London time in one of the most liquid exchanges: BTC China. Proclaimed dead or worthless so often by so many, the currency has been turning heads in the past few weeks when a two years long bull market accelerated around December the 20th, increasing bitcoin’s price from around $800 to almost $1,100 in just two...

BTCChina Introduces Service to Imprint Messages on the Block Chain

Have you always been curious about how messages can be imprinted on the block chain, and what it can be used for, and how it can be easily done? It is now possible for anyone to do it for a relatively small sum of money (0.1BTC, around $23 at current rates.) In return, a message not to exceed 60 letters or 20 characters in some languages will live on forever in the block chain. This makes use of...

BTCChina Launches JustPay: Bitcoin Payment Processing for Chinese Websites and Merchants

Last week, BTCChina revealed JustPay, their rebrand of the Picasso web wallet which was originally released earlier this year. By linking directly with BTCChina's voluminous exchange, JustPay becomes BTCChina's merchant solution for Chinese merchants. Using JustPay, "merchants are guaranteed to receive the full price of the good or service purchased, in fiat (CNY, HKD, USD)."  Currently, BTCChina...

BTC China Introduces Picasso Web Wallet And Lamassu Vending Machine: NO ATM

As I mentioned yesterday, OKCoin and BTC China both announced "The First Bitcoin ATM in China" yesterday.  BTC China Bobby Lee wanted to show the world that 4/15/14 is just another day for Bitcoiners.  There isn't a magical guillotine from the PBOC that will be dropped today, as rumors of a private PBOC notice circulated only to banks and 3rd party payment processors requiring stricter adherence...

Massive Bitcoin Buys in Asia

Reports of massive Bitcoin Buyback in China circulating gain credibility shows large buy orders originating from asia
— COINSPRINT (@coinsprint) January 14, 2014
This is the view from fiatleak.com showing a flurry of bitcoin buys in China:

Here is an update one hour later:

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