Chinese Investment Fuels Blackcoin Price Explosion

On a day when the price of Bitcoin and many altcoins fell, the Blackcoin price has exploded due to increased trading volume on the Chinese exchange BTC38.  CCN examines this altcoin price update to help traders make informed investing decisions. [divider]CCN[/divider] Blackcoin Price Blasts Off Just last week, CCN profiled Blackcoin's the moderate price rise which pulled the altcoin out of a...

OKCoin, FXBTC, and BTC38 Announce The End Of Chinese Yuan Deposits Starting April 3, 2014

The last few weeks of March were rife with misinformation out of China regarding a mysterious notice from the PBOC supposedly sent to regional banks and 3rd party payment processors.  Original news of the notice was misinterpreted and leaked on 3/21/14 leading many to dismiss all news out of China in subsequent days.  On 3/27/14, Chinese reporters from Caixin claimed to have seen the PBOC...

Massive Bitcoin Buys in Asia

Reports of massive Bitcoin Buyback in China circulating gain credibility shows large buy orders originating from asia
— COINSPRINT (@coinsprint) January 14, 2014
This is the view from fiatleak.com showing a flurry of bitcoin buys in China:

Here is an update one hour later:

Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Find Workaround To Allow RMB Deposits, Exchange Rate Rallies

Read the original Chinese article on btc38 and btckan, a prominent Chinese Bitcoin exchange and website, respectively. BTC China's CEO Bobby Lee has introduced a new method for Bitcoiners in China to "recharge" their RMB balances on Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges: BTC China vouchers.  Within a week, Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges led by BTC China, have found a solution for getting RMB deposits into Chinese...

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