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Where Does the Bitcoin Price Go From Here? Industry Observers Weigh In


Bitcoin price plummeted to a monthly low as rumors that the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) was planning to crack down on bitcoin exchanges began to receive apparent confirmation. Bitcoin Price Plunges on China News BTCC announced its exchange will suspend trading on September 30, and although the closure appears to be voluntary, a Shanghai media service reports that the city issued verbal...

The Bitcoin Foundation Gets a New Executive Director

Bitcoin foundation director

 Over a year after being voted in as the executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Bruce Fenton is closing his term, with a relatively unknown South African venture capitalist, Llew Claasen, primed to take over. As a bitcoin advocacy group and trade organization, the Bitcoin Foundation will see a new executive director in Llew Claasen, a Cape Town-based venture capitalist. The South African...

Developers Share Views On Bitcoin Capacity At Second Satoshi Roundtable; Closed Event Draws Criticism

Bitcoin Core

The second annual Satoshi Roundtable, a group of blockchain technology developers, investors and early adopters, discussed important issues such as block chain capacity and the scalability of bitcoin this past weekend, but according to posted comments, they did not reach any conclusions during the invitation-only event. The roundtable was limited to 75 members.   Bruce Fenton, executive...

Bitcoin Foundation Struggles To Sustain Its Existence


Facing declining finances, criminal investigations of ex-board members and the ramifications of some poor management decisions, the Bitcoin Foundation has made some changes to its board and is considering a shift in mission to sustain its existence, according to Bloomberg. During the advocacy group’s Dec. 15, 2015 board meeting, Executive Director Bruce Fenton said additional funding is needed to...

What Happens Next With the Bitcoin Foundation?


Bruce Fenton, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, presented to the wider public the slides and information that he was presenting at Inside Bitcoins NYC. The slides provide and reinforce information about what the Bitcoin Foundation is and what control they have over Bitcoin. Bruce Fenton: Inside Bitcoins NYC is going on now and I just made an important update. The attached PowerPoint...

New Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation


The Bitcoin Foundation has voted in a new Executive Director. From their blog post yesterday it has been revealed that Bruce Fenton has been chosen. A little background from how this came to happen starts with Olivier Jansenns, one of the recently elected Individual Directors. recently made a public Reddit post disclosing certain information about the Foundation’s dire money situation. Stating...

Foundation Election Runoffs Concluding


The Bitcoin Foundation runoff elections had a surprise for its members when it started earlier this week. Without warning it had changed the format for the election to the Swam platform. Users had to re-register, download a paper wallet, copy a password from that, and then wait for an email, or not, and then they were able to vote after using the second password. The novelty of the new voting...

Bruce Fenton – Bitcoin Foundation Elections


We have reached out to the candidates for the upcoming Bitcoin Foundation Elections and asked each candidate a set of questions. In the interest of fairness, all candidates were asked the same questions at the same time, and all responses (that did respond) have been received before the publication of this first article. [divider]CCN[/divider] Bruce Fenton Is a Bitcoiner, traveller & freedom...

Bitcoin News in Review: $150 Bitcoin ATM, Most Expensive Bitcoin Painting, Ether, and More

Bitcoin News in Review: $150 Bitcoin ATM, Most Expensive Bitcoin Painting, Ether, and More

Welcome back to another Bitcoin News in Review, where we feature some of the biggest stories of the week here on CryptoCoins News. This week, we looked at two high schoolers working on a $150 Bitcoin ATM, saw the most expensive Bitcoin painting ever sold, discussed the Etherium project’s Ether presale, and more. We’ve also got a video this week put together by our own Calvin Tran. So...

Chamber of Digital Commerce Calls for BitLicense Extension

Bitcoin New York

The Chamber of Digital Commerce, located in Washington D.C., has been one of the major organizations spear-heading the BitLicense opposition. Chamber of Digital Commerce Founding President Perianne Boring has been vocally active against Ben Lawsky’s proposed BitLicense regulation recently at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Chicago. The Chamber of Digital Commerce then held a press...

Bruce Fenton Does Not Want You to Engage on BitLicense


Bruce Fenton, founder of Atlantic Financial Inc. and the Bitcoin Association, spoke this past weekend at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Chicago. The primary topic of his heated speech was that of Benjamin Lawsky and the proposed BitLicense in New York. While the topic has been on everyone’s tongue and has become quite the hot-button issue, Fenton has a different opinion on how people...