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Coinbase CEO Just Revealed a Big Catalyst for Bitcoin’s Price

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By CCN Markets: Bitcoin has been trading sideways of late but it might not be long before the flagship cryptocurrency moves up thanks to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s latest reveal. Whether institutions were going to adopt crypto or not was an open question about 12 months ago. I think it's safe to say we now know the answer. We're seeing $200-400M a week in new crypto deposits come in...

Coinbase Plans US Debit Card Launch, Is ‘Considering’ Margin Trading

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

By CCN: Coinbase CEO Brain Armstrong conducted a live YouTube AMA today from the company’s New York offices. Presumably, he’s in town for blockchain week, which brought him away from the San Francisco headquarters. Armstrong answered several questions in the session, beginning with one regarding “community trust ratings” for altcoins. Armstrong said that crypto is much like the internet: as more...

Shocking! Coinbase’s Rocky Year Just Got Worse with CTO Departure


In what has already proven to be an extremely challenging 12 months for Coinbase is shows no signs of respite. The crypto exchange’s CTO announced his departure following roughly one year in the spot. Balaji Srinivasan broke the news on his Twitter account. He also thanked his “friend” Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong for the opportunity. 1/2 Really enjoyed my time at Coinbase...

Coinbase Shellacking: Crypto Exchange Cuts Staff, Shutters Chicago Hub

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By CCN: The markets may be moving into the green, but 30 Coinbase engineers will be seeing red tonight after they were reportedly laid off and the firm’s Chicago office closed. It’s a sure sign that despite positive sentiment returning, the crypto bear market is still determined to shrink a few more businesses before it’s over. It’s also a signal that mainstream financial...

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong: Crypto Will Disrupt the Fringes of the Economy First

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In a 45-minute long Ask Me Anything session conducted recently on YouTube, Coinbase CEO Brian Amstrong answered a lot of interesting questions, including questions about him personally. Like many of us, Armstrong says he was a nerdy kid growing up and was unpopular. Imagine Brian Armstrong as a Nerdy Kid He says his mother worked at IBM and the family had one of the earliest 486 models of...

Coinbase CEO Wants to ‘Overthrow Corrupt Dictators’ After Hiring Team That Sold Spyware to…Corrupt Dictators

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In a livestream Q&A, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong outlined his vision for the future. Among the typical crypto company goals (reach one billion users, revolutionize the economy), Armstrong revealed a much stranger ambition: “overthrow some corrupt dictators in the world.”
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Coinbase CEO Admits ‘Diligence’ Failing, Boots Ex-Hacking Team Employees

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has responded to criticisms about betraying the values of Bitcoin and crypto more broadly with its recent acquisition of Neutrino. Those Neutrino team members who previously worked at Hacking Team will “transition out of Coinbase,” the chief executive said late Monday. Hacking Team, one may recall, was a pioneer in selling hacking tools exploited by authoritarian...

Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong Says it’s Okay to Use Hot Wallets to Store Bitcoin

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Brian Armstrong, CEO of $8 billion crypto exchange Coinbase, wants to set some misconceptions straight about the security of various types of Bitcoin wallets. Writing in Fortune, Armstrong clarifies – for a mainstream audience – the difference between hot and cold wallets. If the reader is unfamiliar with the concept, it’s pretty simple. A “hot” wallet is connected to the internet and capable of...

Coinbase is ‘Adding the Assets Our Customers Have Come to Demand’: Brian Armstrong

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Coinbase probably had its best quarter so far, launching several products over the fourth quarter of 2018. The company which Lightspeed Venture Partner Semil Shah called  ‘The Breakout Company of 2017’ recently concluded its 12 Days of Coinbase which introduced features such as instant PayPal withdrawals, Coinbase Earn which is a modified version of Earn.com (Coinbase acquired Earn...

Bitcoin Network Loses Nodes and Difficulty, Militants Use Crypto In Struggle to Secede, NYU Professor Goes Off The Rails, and More: Last Week In Crypto


Bitcoin Price Recovery Alongside Network Changes The Bitcoin price came back from the brink this week, reaching nearly $4,000 by Sunday. Analysts were at times throughout the week worried that it would lose support around $3,400 and then drop beneath $3,000, but this hasn’t happened. At the same time, however, two important Bitcoin network metrics saw reduced performance over the week. For one...

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Commits Bulk of Crypto Fortune to Charity

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Having launched GiveCrypto.org earlier this year to make direct cryptocurrency transfers to people living in poverty, Brian Armstrong — CEO of US crypto exchange giant Coinbase — has now promised to give a huge chunk of his fortune away to charitable causes. “This year, I started my first philanthropic effort, GiveCrypto.org, which makes direct cash transfers to people living in...

Crypto Firm Fragments Launches Stablecoin Following ‘Ampleforth’ Rebrand

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Fragments protocol, an effort at stabilizing the buying power of cryptocurrency, has rebranded itself to Ampleforth as of today, renaming the crypto project after the “1984” character whose job is to translate poetry into Newspeak. Ampleforth aims to preserve the unit of account and money properties of its tokens. Instead of pegging to a fixed supply of fiat capital, Ampleforth’s...

Coinbase Adds Charles Schwab Director to Board, Steps Up Pro-Crypto Lobbying Efforts

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Coinbase added Chris Dodds — a Charles Schwab director — to its board, in another sign that a marriage between the burgeoning cryptocurrency market and traditional finance looms on the horizon. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said Dodds’ impressive 21-year career with Charles Schwab will be instrumental in bolstering the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange’s business model...

A Billion People Will Be Using Cryptocurrency in 5 Years: Brian Armstrong

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The world of money is revolutionizing in front of our eyes. Cryptocurrency is creating new paradigms for alternative payment systems and decentralized banking. There is no doubt that the user adoption of various cryptocurrencies is rapidly increasing. The cryptocurrency industry has become more fluid as the borders between it and mainstream finance continue to blur. At the same time, regulators...

Coinbase CEO Tops Rihanna in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 List

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The cryptocurrency industry is now having a huge impact on contemporary culture, gaining recognition not only as a part of the financial industry but as a considerable cultural and economic force in its own right. If the latest 40 Under 40 list by Fortune Magazine is anything to go by, a 24-year-old Russian-Canadian programmer from Toronto who only entered the limelight in 2013 is only marginally...

Coinbase Founder Launches Crypto Charity Platform

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has launched GiveCrypto, a new charity platform which will hold and distribute cryptocurrencies to people in need, according to a Medium post, published June 27. Armstrong said that while he believes cryptocurrency has the potential to create more innovation and change the world, the reputation it has involves flashy cars and luxurious living. While you can’t...

A Giant Grows Larger: Coinbase Has Nearly as Many Customers as Fidelity Investments


As a not-so-typical startup in the Valley, Coinbase is exploding with customer growth. The exchange now manages over 20 million customer accounts, which is nearly as many as Fidelity Investments and twice as many as Charles Schwab, according to a report by the Washington Post. Also, in much the same manner that has spanned the history of traditional asset managers, Coinbase is spanning the entire...

Coinbase Bolsters Top Management in Bid to Improve Customer Service


Coinbase has announced key additions to its management team in response to the need to improve its customer service, including the naming of Asiff Hirji as president and COO. The company recently recruited Hirji from TD Ameritrade, where he was COO, according to a blog posted by Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO. Hirji also ran the HP enterprise services division, which included 200,000...

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Hits $1 Billion in Revenues, Rejects Investors: Report


Coinbase, the global cryptocurrency market’s largest brokerage and wallet platform, reportedly made over $1 billion in revenue last year, according to technology publication Recode. The company saw its popularity explode when the cryptocurrency ecosystem started seeing most top cryptocurrency skyrocket. So much so, Coinbase reportedly has over 13 million users, and even suffered outages amid...

Coinbase Updates SegWit2x Stance; May Call Forked Chain ‘Bitcoin’


Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has clarified its position on the upcoming SegWit2x hard fork, stating that it will use accumulated network difficulty to determine which blockchain the company will label “Bitcoin” following the fork. On Monday, David Farmer, Coinbase’s director of communications, published a blog post revealing the rapidly-growing bitcoin exchange’s stance on SegWit2x. In the...

Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Enables Live Phone Support to ‘Improve’ Customer Service


Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange that now claims 10 million registered users and has struggled with customer service issues as it has posted rapid growth, has announced live phone support for its customers. Dan Romero, the company’s vice president of operations, posted a blog on the company’s website announcing the feature. Customers can contact the company’s customer support at 888-908-7930...

Coinbase CEO Asks IRS to Work Together toward Mutual Goals


Coinbase, which faces an IRS subpoena to disclose records on all of its U.S. customers, wants customers to know that while the company has chosen to fight the IRS on releasing customer information, it remains committed to complying with tax reporting requirements. Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO and co-founder, clarified the company’s position in a recent Medium post in which he appealed to the IRS...

Coinbase Files for Patent to Secure Bitcoin Private Keys

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Coinbase has filed a patent for a bitcoin host computer security system for private keys that it says addresses private key security concerns. The application, filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, noted a key ceremony application creates bundles that each contain a master key share. The master key shares each store a master key used for private key encryption during a checkout...

Blockchain Can Decentralize the Corporate Industry, Says Coinbase Co-Founder; Website Sees a Redesign

Blockchain Hyperledger

In an article written for the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco-based Coinbase co-founder, Fred Ehrsam, says that blockchain technology could change the corporate structure, producing something we’ve never seen before. According to Ehrsam, while centralized companies may have provided a solution in the past, he believes that because of the invention of the blockchain future companies will no...

Coinbase CEO Armstrong: Ethereum Scaling Better Than Bitcoin


In a note on Reddit that he is seeking senior engineers, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong also mentioned the possibility that the wallet may support more altcoins, and that Ethereum is scaling better than bitcoin. Armstrong’s original intent may have been to make Reddit readers aware that the company is seeking senior engineers as it ramps up for what he sees as a great future for cryptocurrency. But...

Coinbase CEO Admits There Could Be Bugs in Ethereum Hard fork, Celebrates Combined Value of ETH and ETC


Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of Coinbase, admitted on Twitter last week there could still be bugs in the Ethereum DAO. This comes after various tweets encouraging the hard fork as a means of updating blockchain systems. “My hope is to see hard forks as an elegant upgrade/voting mechanism, not something to be feared that results in multiple coins,” Armstrong wrote on the popular social media...

How Coinbase Built a Secure Cloud Infrastructure to Store Bitcoin

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When bitcoin exchange Coinbase launched two and a half years ago, Heroku, a simple hosting platform, provided the right solution, said Brian Armstrong, Coinbase co-founder, writing in Medium. Heroku provided a more battle-tested solution than anything the founders could create on their own. But the founders realized that they had to build the next version of their infrastructure from the ground...

What Is Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase’s Vision, Mission & Strategy?

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Brian Armstrong took to Medium to elaborate upon the Coinbase mission.  The 100 person company, Armstrong notes, had grown too large for them to communicate daily with all of their employees, and therefore “we decided to craft a clear vision, mission and strategy for the company.” While he describes the process to determine the vision, the mission and the strategy of Coinbase, Armstrong imparts...

Coinbase’s Armstrong Urges Switch To Bitcoin Classic To Fix Scaling Disaster


Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, left the Satoshi Roundtable very concerned about bitcoin’s scaling challenge and is urging everyone to upgrade to Bitcoin Classic to buy time to address the scaling issue and prevent serious problems. Writing on Medium, Armstrong summed up the scaling divide evident at the Satoshi Roundtable. On one side are the core developers concerned about how...

5 Bitcoin ATM Companies Switch To Running Bitcoin Classic

Bitcoin ATM

In the continuing struggle between advocates for Bitcoin core and the hard fork of Bitcoin Classic, some Bitcoin ATM’s have drawn a line in the sand on where they hope the future of the cryptocurrency to go in favor of Bitcoin Classic. In a recent Reddit thread posted on behalf of the Bitcoin ATM company Bitlove, they shared that they were among 5 current Bitcoin ATM companies including...

Coinbase CEO Speaks out against Bitcoin Core Hard Fork, Trumpets Bitcoin Classic

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CEO and co-founder of bitcoin wallet and exchange service Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, has deemed the recent proposal to scaling Bitcoin as merely “words” and not action while trumpeting Bitcoin Classic as a better solution for bitcoin’s scaling debate. Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase has, in a blog post titled “The Bitcoin Roundtable Consensus Proposal – Too Little, Too Late”...

Is Bitcoin Classic And The Hard Fork Driving The Price of Bitcoin Higher?

Ethereum price balloon

Is the early stage of the hard fork potentially driving this price rally of Bitcoin? It’s definitely possible, but it could also be a variety of other factors as well. Over the past week the price per Bitcoin has shot up almost $40.00 USD and there has been some speculation about whether that spike has had anything to do with the news about the hard fork to Bitcoin Classic. There have been some...

Coinbase CEO Armstrong Sets $5,000 Wager That Bitcoin Fork Works out Fine


Brian Armstrong, CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, claims bitcoin is upgrading rather than splitting on account of Bitcoin Classic, and he’s willing to bet anyone $5,000 that he’s right. Armstrong, writing on Medium, said hard forks are one of the most important bitcoin innovations and having multiple teams working on the bitcoin protocol is a positive thing. He said he is willing to bet $5,000 USD...

Coinbase Integrates Bitcoin Classic


Bitcoin exchange Coinbase will now include Bitcoin Classic as a means to block confirmation by running Bitcoin Classic nodes. The news was revealed by CEO Brian Armstrong following the fork’s announcement of a new code that pushes for doubling the blocksize to 2MB. In a Twitter post today, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong revealed that the bitcoin exchange will now integrate Bitcoin classic nodes...

Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong: Bitcoin is Way Too Far Ahead


For all the press Bitcoin has received, many contrarians are still attracted to sub-contrarians derived from the original contrarian. Many see Bitcoin’s glass as half-empty, instead of half full. That doesn’t apply to Coinbase head Brain Armstrong, who made news Monday morning with his Twitter commentary on the state of the digital currency universe. Coinbase CEO: The rest are just a...