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Tron Saga Takes Curious Turn as Justin Sun Faces New Allegation

bram cohen accuses justin sun of not making a payment for BitTorrent

The Tron saga took another curious turn on Thursday, as Bram Cohen - the creator of BitTorrent - alleged that Justin Sun failed to make a scheduled payment stemming from his purchase of BitTorrent last year. Bram Cohen: Is Justin Sun 'Hard Up for Cash?' Writing on Twitter, Cohen - who is no longer affiliated with BitTorrent but operates another cryptocurrency project - claimed that Sun “isn’t...

'Embarassed' Bitcoin Core Dev Matt Corallo Slams Toxic Blockstream CSO

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By CCN: Matt Corallo, also known as “The Blue Matt,” has blocked Blockstream CSO Samson Mow on Twitter. Mow, according to Corallo, represents a toxic element of the Bitcoin community. Gavin Andresen once called Mow and Gregory Maxwell “toxic trolls.” Best decision I've ever made. I'm honestly pretty embarrassed to have helped cofound @Blockstream. pic.twitter.com/6gz4Kmcaew — Matt...

Bitcoin Killer? What’s New And Old With BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen's 'Chia'

Bram Cohen, BitTorrent, Shia

If you ask its official website, Bram Cohen’s Chia project is the first “enterprise” digital currency.
Forget Ripple, Stellar, or the host of stablecoins launched over the past couple years. It’s Chia – the “green” crypto project developed in answer to the question of Bitcoin’s high resource usage, which is the first enterprise-grade cryptocurrency.

BitTorrent's Creator Wants You to Know He's Not Involved with Tron's Crypto Facelift

bram cohen bittorrent tron crypto

Bram Cohen, the visionary computer programmer who created peer-to-peer file sharing protocol BitTorrent and the company of the same name, is no longer involved with the project following its sale to Tron and subsequent launch of a crypto token. He wants to make sure that you know that. Bram Cohen to Everyone: I'm Not Involved with Tron! Scroll through Cohen’s Twitter feed, and you’ll find a...

BitTorrent Creator Aims to Kill Bitcoin with the Green Cryptocurrency "Chia"


Known for inventing torrenting (BitTorrent) in the early noughties, Bram Cohen might also end up getting famous for an entirely different thing - solving the electricity wastage problem of bitcoin. Cohen’s newest creation, a cryptocurrency known as Chia which bills itself as ‘green money for a digital world’, is the very antithesis of bitcoin. Unlike bitcoin which uses the electricity-guzzling...

BitTorrent Inventor No Longer Involved Following Tron Acquisition

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BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen has called it quits at the project he started nearly two decades ago following its acquisition by Justin Sun, creator of the Tron cryptocurrency. Industry publication TorrentFreak reports that Cohen, who created the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol in 2001 and founded BitTorrent Inc. in 2004, has cut ties with the project. “I have no involvement with Tron,” he told...

BitTorrent Creator Cohen Talks Bitcoin, Blockchain


“I think the actual amount of disruption that is happening because of bitcoin is really not much,” Bram Cohen recently said on the Steal This Show Podcast hosted by Jamie King. “If you look at bitcoin compared to [other] currencies, it’s still this flyspeck. People aren’t buying their coffee with bitcoin or anything like that. Some people have made a lot of money off it. There is the big story...

Bitcoin Community On Brink Of Insanity


In a recent essay, Bittorrent founder Bram Cohen lays out his interpretation of recent Bitcoin projects such as Bitcoin Classic. He labels the project purely marketing and hints what they are creating is a form of an alternative digital currency, also known as an alt-coin.   This, a controversial opinion in Bitcoin circles, has major implications about how the Bitcoin protocol evolves from here...