Moneyconf 2018: Crypto Wallet CEOs on Why Decentralization Matters


At a panel hosted this week at fintech conference Moneyconf, executives from Ledger, Blockchain.info, and VC firms Mosaic Ventures and FuturePerfect Ventures discussed if and why decentralized systems are truly necessary. Crypto Wallet CEOs Speak at Moneyconf 2018 Moderator Joon Ian Wong referred the panelists to a survey indicating that given the hypothetical choice to have a paid version of...

Major Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain Enters India with Unocoin Partnership

India Bitcoin tax

Bitcoin wallet and technology giant Blockchain.info is entering the Indian market via a partnership with leading Indian bitcoin exchange Unocoin. Blockchain, the world’s most widely used bitcoin wallet, is now available for users in India to buy and hold their bitcoins. In an announcement today, Blockchain revealed it has integrated Unocoin within its wallet dashboard to enable Indian users to...

Blockr.io Shuttered by Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase


In 2014, Blockr.io was acquired by Coinbase. The multi-currency blockchain was innovative and relied upon by numerous outfits, including Satoshibox, a service that allows anyone to sell digital goods for Bitcoin. At the time, Coinbase said of the acquisition: Today, we’re excited to announce that Coinbase has acquired Blockr.io. As part of the acquisition, we’re able to welcome two of its...

Bitcoin Startup Blockchain Raises Record $40 Million in Google Ventures-led Series B


Bitcoin wallet and technology giant Blockchain.info, one of the industry’s earliest startups, has raised $40 million in a fresh round of funding. London-based Blockchain has secured the largest Series B by a bitcoin firm in 2017. The investment, the company claims, is also the single biggest investment in the fintech space in the post-Brexit economy. The second round of Blockchain’s institutional...

Blockchain.Info Segwit Ready, Will Coinbase Follow Soon?


The world’s most popular non-custodial bitcoin wallet platform with over 11 million wallets created to date is officially Segregated Witness (Segwit) ready. Blockchain, also known as Blockchain.info, has been officially updated from “planned” to “[Segwit] ready” on the Segwit Adoption list maintained the Bitcoin Core development team. Most major bitcoin exchanges and mining pools including...

Bitcoin Price Surge Drives Phishing Attacks On Wallets


As bitcoin price surges, so have phishing attempts against bitcoin wallets, according to Cisco’s Open DNS Labs blog. A similar phishing spike occurred over the summer in response to a bitcoin price jump. The blog includes a list of domains created by one phishing campaign to spoof Blockchain.info around the holidays. Most of the phishing sites have been set up for phishing purposes. There...

Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain Figures Among Virgin U.K.’s 10 Most Disruptive Businesses

Blockchain disruption

Blockchain.info, one of the largest bitcoin wallets, has been named one of the 10 most disruptive businesses in the U.K., according to Virgin Media Business in its 20th anniversary edition of the Fast Track 100. The list includes companies with business models that are creating a new market or changing an existing market and grabbing market share from competitors. Blockchain recently reported in...

Blockchain.info CEO: Industry Standoff Poses Serious Risk to Future of Bitcoin

Kraken bitcoin cash bitcoin sv warning

Much of the bitcoin industry no longer shares the same vision and are not likely to pragmatically compromise to avert a serious risk facing the industry. That was the impression of Peter Smith, CEO of Blokchain.info, at the recent Satoshi Roundtables, writing in Medium. Smith, in summarizing his thoughts about the state of the industry, noted last week’s spike in bitcoin activity offered an early...

Blockchain.info’s Nic Cary Hits A Positive Note On Bitcoin in Newsweek Op-Ed


Today in his Newsweek Op-Ed, Blockchain.info co-founder Nic Cary has come out with a few straightforward arguments why he believes Bitcoin is still alive and well.   What he argues is that many of the reasons Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn says Bitcoin has failed are prematurely spurned indicators that Bitcoin is actually succeeding. Cary points to some signs of hope for the future of Bitcoin...

Johoe Speaks on Air About Blockchain.info Breach


On the same day as CCN’s recent interview with “white hat” hacker “Johoe” (self-pronounced as “Yo-hew”), the German security researcher decided to speak out, literally, on Let’s Talk Bitcoin’s show The Bitcoin Game episode #7. Is this the Bitcoin community’s version of a media tour? In the 43-minute program, Jochen (the hacker’s real first name) covers a lot of...

Blockchain.info vs. the Block Chain: Redditors Express Discontent


Over the past few weeks, the Bitcoin webwallet provider Blockchain.info has had numerous security issues. One such issue occurred when they made a problematic edit to their code, which resulted in insecure wallet generation. Fortunately, a user gained access to these wallets and returned the bitcoins to Blockchain.info. This recent security issue, as well as others, has prompted redditors to...

Bitcoin News in Review: Price, Google 2014, Johoe, and More

Bitcoin News in Review: Price, Google 2014, Johoe, and More

Welcome back to another Bitcoin News in Review, where we feature some of the biggest stories of the week here on CryptoCoins News. This week, the bitcoin price declined quite a bit before changing course upwards, “What is Bitcoin?” was the 4th most searched “What is…” term on Google, we interviewed johoe – the white hat hacker who swiped and then returned over...

Interview with johoe, the White Hat Hacker Who Returned 800+ Bitcoins to Blockchain.Info


Today, I had the privilege of chatting with johoe, the white hat hacker who swept over 800 bitcoins from addresses generated with a security error on Blockchain.info’s webwallet. After learning that the insecure addresses were generated on Blockchain.info, johoe returned all of the bitcoins he obtained to Blockchain.info, so they could refund users who lost their bitcoins. johoe is...

Coinkite CEO Says Seeing People Lose Bitcoins Upsets Him Because “It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!”


There isn’t a month that goes by where someone doesn’t take to their computer and check their balance in their bitcoin wallet, only to find that there’s something missing. It happened with Mt.Gox; it happened with MintPal and it even happened recently with Blockchain.info, a wallet that was thought to be a highly secure form of storing coins. These thefts happen due to vulnerabilities in the...

Bitcoin.com Management Passes from Blockchain.info to OKCoin


International Bitcoin exchange OKCoin today announced that it has taken over stewardship of Bitcoin.com. The eponymous Bitcoin website is owned by an anonymous individual who has chosen several different Bitcoin companies to manage the site over the last couple years. Control of Bitcoin.com has passed from TradeHill to Blockchain.info and now to OKCoin. No party involved has clarified whether or...

Blockchain.Info Requests Unsafe Practices; Users Send Passwords in Plain Text through Email


After hundreds of bitcoins were stolen directly from the online wallets of Blockchain.info, not to be confused with the actual bitcoin blockchain, the website had some funds returned by a white-hat hacker named Johoe. The white-hat hacker noticed a slew of broken addresses and took some of the funds before malicious hackers could grab them and then returned the fund to Blockchain.info. Also...

Bitcoin News in Review: Microsoft, Blockchain.info Bug, New York, and More

Bitcoin News in Review: Microsoft, Blockchain.info, New York, and More

With the end of the week, it’s time for another Bitcoin News in Review, where we feature some of the top stories of the week here on CryptoCoins News. This week, Microsoft surprised everyone by accepting bitcoin, a security issue in Blockchain.info’s wallet led to the loss of hundreds of bitcoins, HP teased “The Machine,” a new kind of computer, and more. Keep reading for...

Gentleman Hacker Returns Stolen Bitcoins to Blockchain.info


Hundreds of bitcoins were stolen from Blockchain.info users. The company admitted that a technical issue during a software update of the popular Bitcoin wallet created a temporary security hole, and is now reimbursing the users who lost their bitcoins. Also read: Blockchain Reimbursing Stolen Bitcoins to Users The security hole was only open for a couple of hours, but that small window was...

Blockchain Reimbursing Stolen Bitcoins to Users

Security in the cloud

Hundreds of bitcoins have been stolen yesterday from Blockchain.info users made temporarily vulnerable by a technical issue during a software update of the popular Bitcoin wallet. The company has plugged the security hole, and now they are reimbursing the users who lost their bitcoins. Also read: Blockchain.info Security Update Results in Stolen Bitcoins “The issue was present for a brief...

Dan Held Leaves Blockchain.info for ChangeTip to Bring Bitcoin Micropayments Mainstream


Dan Held, the former Blockchain.info Product Manager and Co-Founder of ZeroBlock, is joining ChangeTip as their new VP of Product. ChangeTip is currently on a hiring spree after receiving a seed round of $3.5 million in funding. ChangeTip’s seed round was led by Pantera Capital but also included big names such as 500 Startups, Bold Start Ventures, and CryptoCurrency Partners. ChangeTip...

Blockchain.info Security Update Results in Stolen Bitcoins


The security of the popular Bitcoin wallet Blockchain.info has been often addressed in the news recently. Hundreds of bitcoins have been lost during this Blockchain.info update. For example, there have been several reports of users losing their funds after using Blockchain.info through the Tor network. In response, the company temporarily blocked all Tor exit nodes, and then started using HSTS as...

Tor Users Can Now Connect to Blockchain.info’s .onion Address Securely with SSL


Blockchain.info today announced that they are the second website in the world to receive an SSL certificate for their .onion address. This is a huge win for privacy and Bitcoin enthusiasts around the world, and it answers growing concerns surrounding the security of using web wallets such as Blockchain.info while connected via the Tor network.  In the past, there have been several reports of...

Blockchain.info Bug Took One Month To Fix

Critical Vulnerability Left Unresolved At Blockchain.info for Almost a Month

Reddit user 1a5f9842524 posted on /r/bitcoin detailing Blockchain.info‘s response to what was stated by the user as a “critical vulnerability.” The user specifically called outAndreas Antonopoulos, who has been viewed as a consistently positive figure in the Bitcoin community and a figure-head of sorts, though the user chose to paint this development as an antithesis to that...

Warning: BitmessageS.org Is Not Bitmessage… It Is A Bitcoin Phishing Attempt Targeted At Blockchain.info Users


Today, reports of spam transactions containing one Satoshi and zero fee have been sprouting like daisies. A pair of Bitcoin addresses have been used by would-be hackers to send over 1,000 spam transactions to many more thousands of receiving Bitcoin addresses. The spam transaction encourages users to visit the site BitMessageS.org (intentionally meant to be confused with BitMessage.org) where...

CCN Week in Review: Neo & Bee Exposed, The CoinBet Saga, Mt. Gox Liquidation, and More

CCN Week in Review: Neo & Bee Exposed, The CoinBet Saga, Mt. Gox Liquidation, and More

Happy Easter, everyone. As with every Sunday, it’s time for the CCN Week in Review. This week: Neo & Bee employees exposed the truth about Danny Brewster, CoinBet.cc was shut down, Mt. Gox abandoned plans for civil rehabilitation, and more. Here are our top stories this week, from 14 April – 20 April, in video and article form: Neo & Bee CEO Exposed Until recently, Neo &...

Bitcoin Foundation And Blockchain.info Announce First Annual Blockchain Awards


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he Bitcoin Foundation and Blockchain.info have come together to announce the first annual Blockchain Awards.  Additionally, there will be a Blockchain Awards ceremony at the Bitcoin 2014 conference exactly one month from this date.   The #BlockchainAwards wants to honor exceptional people in #Bitcoin! Nominate them here: #WeAreSatoshi #Bitcoin2014 —...

Bitcoin.com gets a revamp by Blockchain.info


[dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n 4/15/14. Blockchain.info‘s Nic Cary took to Twitter to tease the Bitcoin populace with an upcoming announcement… Many were reminded of the last time Cary promised an announcement; the announcement fell short of many’s expectations.  This time around expectations were met and exceeded, Cary truly has presented a crowdpleaser...

CCN Week in Review: Mt. Gox “Finds” 200K BTC, Blockchain Downtime, Bitcoin Price Drop, and More

CCN Week in Review: Mt. Gox "Finds" 200K BTC, Blockchain Downtime, Bitcoin Price Drop, and More

The week of 17 March – 23 March was pretty eventful in the Bitcoin world. We learned that Mt. Gox stumbled upon 200,000 bitcoins previously thought to have been stolen in an old wallet, that popular web wallet Blockchain suffered extended downtime due to a database issue, that the price of bitcoin fell below 600 USD, and more. Here are our top stories this week in case you missed them...

Blockchain.info Is Down For Unscheduled Maintenance, Due To Issue With Database Not Shared Coin


Update: Blockchain.info has stated that the issue is a database one, and the site would not be back online for at least several hours. It all started earlier today when Redditor /u/obione88 posted to /r/Bitcoin about a Shared Coin Transaction Error.  Blockchain.info staff on Reddit promptly responded to the post.  Additionally, they announced that the SharedCoin feature would be taken offline...

Company takeovers using Bitcoin are trending


Over the past few years, Bitcoin has grown. What started out as an isolated internet currency, only used by geeks has become a real method of payment. Pizzas, piano lessons, haircuts, it’s possible to find a merchant that accepts Bitcoin for almost anything. 2013 However saw a new trend in the use of the cryptocurrency. Complete enterprises were being bought and paid for with Bitcoins. Fast...

CCN Websites of the Week: February 9th – 15th

CCN Websites of the Week

A lot of times while writing for CryptoCoinsNews, we stumble upon some really cool cryptocurrency-related websites that we would like to share with our readers. This new weekly segment, CCN Websites of the Week, is our way of serving these sites to you. Like most people, you’re probably tired at the end of the week and don’t want to do too much reading, so we’ll keep the...

Millennius Stops All Sales Of iPhones To Protest Apple’s Removal Of Blockchain.info’s iOS App; Hopes Overstock Will Follow Suit


Paul Vigna of WSJ’s new Bitbeat recently published an article detailing how Bitcoiners are not happy about Apple’s removal of Blockchain’s iOS app.  One redditor even shot his iPhone in a show to protest Apple. Here at CCN, we recently published Millennius’ last 6 months worth of Bitcoin data from their longtime acceptance and promotion of Bitcoin in Australia...

Angry Bitcoin Users Destory iPhones Over Apple’s Blockchain Ban


Just yesterday, Apple pulled Blockchain.info’s wallet app from the App Store without any clear reason. This was the last remaining wallet app on the App Store, and its removal annoyed quite a lot of Apple users. Some expressed mild to moderate disapproval over twitter. Apple not interested in #bitcoin: They just want your dollars, I guess. — munin (@munin) February 6, 2014 Others however...

Blockchain Teases New Website


Oh hey, something interesting just popped up. Shhhhhhhh ;) pic.twitter.com/Uis5bchfVd — Blockchain.info (@blockchain) February 2, 2014 Blockchain just tweeted this a few hours ago. Looks like they purchased Blockchain.com on 28 January, 2014 based on a simple whois search. Until recently, Blockchain.com belonged to an unknown entity, whose identity was protected with WhoisGuard. Blockchain has...

Blockchain.info CEO Talks About Company’s Growth and Future


In a recent interview with Newfination, Blockchain.info CEO Nicolas Cary discusses his company’s rapid growth and the future of the service. It’s an interesting interview. Cary talks about his own history pre-Blockchain.info, how Blockchain.info started, the growth of the company, and more. You can check out the full 24-minute interview here. [embedvideo id=”-HeDW4Y_Ylc”...

Blockchain.info is Having a 10 BTC Giveaway!


Just a little over two months after reaching 500,000 users in November 2013, Blockchain now has one million users. To celebrate, they’re giving away 10 BTC to one lucky winner. The giveaway ends in less than a week. From the official blog: “As a major thank you to our users who’ve been an amazing support, we’d like to announce another major giveaway. This will give all of you the...

Blockchain.info Now Has Over 1 Million Wallets


Blockchain is an online Bitcoin wallet service that started in 2013. With a little less than 100,000 users in its early days, Blockchain has seen massive growth in its user base with 500,000 wallets by October 2013 and now over one million wallets by January 2014. The online wallet company is very excited about the future of the service, stating, “The growth seen over the past year has happened...

Bitcoin Developer Jeff Garzik Wants to Put Full Bitcoin Nodes in Space


Read the original story on Coindesk Bitcoin Core Developer Jeff Garzik has plans in motion to launch several small cube satellites [cubesat] into space.  These satellites would serve as a full node for the Bitcoin network, presumably as an “honest source” of the Bitcoin blockchain.  All that is needed to stop a Sybill attack is one honest node, and this node in space would be that...