Blackcoin Price Falls Back into the Red


Throughout its brief lifespan, Blackcoin has defied expectations and found success in the wild-west of the altcoin markets by innovating with features such as Blackhalo. However, the Blackcoin price has declined quite a bit since peaking in mid-April. The Blackcoin price decline continued over the past week. CCN examines this altcoin price decline. Also Read: Blackcoin Replaces Litecoin on...

Blackcoin Price Climbs Out of the Red


After exploding onto the scene during the first quarter of 2014, the Blackcoin price has declined consistently. However, on September 10 the Blackcoin price increased by as much as 18% at its peak (although it declined briefly by the end of the day). Nevertheless, Blackcoin sustained a price increase of more than 10% over the course of 24 hours. CCN examines the 24-hour Blackcoin price increase...

Blackcoin Replaces Litecoin on Cryptocurrency Exchange Bittrex

Blackcoin ersetzt Litecoin

One digital currency exchange is replacing their previously existing Litecoin market with another alternative digital currency. Bittrex is replacing Litecoin with Blackcoin. The shift in coin is a move that many in the altcoin community didn’t see coming, as Litecoin is the second most popular altcoin, and has been for years. [divider] CCN [/divider] On July 25, Blackcoin announced on their...

BitHalo is a Game Changer for Bitcoin Adoption and Online Payments


Many people have been waiting for Bitcoin's killer app. This is the one app that would provide a use case where it actually makes sense for the average person to use Bitcoin on a regular basis. It seems that we may have finally have the first such app in the form of BitHalo. This new innovation from David Zimbeck comes packed with a variety of new, exciting features for online commerce as a...

Blackcoin USB Card Product Review


Yesterday I received my Blackcoin USB card in the mail. After ordering it in May and waiting for a long time without any updates from the seller, it arrived in quality packaging. From my understanding, the initial production lot was very limited, and the seller quickly sold their initial stock, and all orders were put on backorder as the seller waited for another shipment to arrive from China...

Interview with Blackcoin: Succeeding in the Alt-Market

blackcoin logo

Despite launching with no fanfare, and overcoming a hard-fork early in development, Blackcoin today sits ranked #6 by market value, and #3 by trading volume - an impressive feat considering how cluttered the cryptocurrency market is. CryptoCoinsNews' own Vasilije Markovic (Serbian contributor) had a chance to speak with the developer behind Blackcoin, as well as the Community Manager and other...

CryptoRush support worker leaks inside info


Big stories often take some time to emerge. When they see the light, it's usually just the tip of the iceberg. Mt. Gox was like this and CryptoRush is just the same. Another leak appeared today, this time from one of the exchange's support workers. One month of hacking DogeyMcDoge has been working for CryptoRush since late February. When looking back on his first month, it's clear that this was...

Breaking: CryptoRush loses millions of Blackcoins

Cryptorush suffers millions of Blackcoin loss

UPDATE 1: Fxxxx provided a longer log of the chat conversation. A lot of threats were made by CryptoRush towards the Blackcoin developer. Not the best way to talk about things, see for yourself here. It's understandable the CryptoRush team doesn't want this part to go around the net, since the threats made by fyrstikken aren't pretty to say the least. Another exchange is facing difficult times...