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Black Arrow Bitcoin Mining Battle: Who’s Telling the Truth?


Yesterday, CCN published an article on the accusations that Black Arrow is censoring their customer-base on the bitcointalk.org forums. Along with that, an accusation also tipped CCN off about a Black Arrow miner catching fire. By following the sources provided by the accuser, it was shown that the accuser was indeed telling the truth and that there was a reason for suspicion. Out of journalistic...

Black Arrow Bitcoin Mining Addresses Miners Catching Fire and Censorship


Author's Note: The author and CCN have zero connection with Black Arrow. Claims of monetary compensation are blatantly incorrect. The accusations from customers are continually being investigated, ever since the original tip. However, accusations cannot be published as fact without clear evidence or authority. The same goes for Black Arrow. CCN will quote either side, but will not publish those...

Black Arrow Minion 14nm ASIC Tape-Out Set for December 2014


Black Arrow Minion chips are now being designed at 14nm, beating KnC's 20nm record. In a world where size supposedly doesn't matter, ASIC chips keep getting smaller and smaller. The smaller the chip is, the longer the production time and the lower the power consumption. Alex from Black Arrow gives us the low-down on the Minion high-ground. Also read: Black Arrow Bitcoin Mining Addresses Miners...

Black Arrow - The New Bitcoin Mining Manufacturer In Problems

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Is Black Arrow the new Butterfly Labs? It's been seven months since pre-orders were placed. The list of complaints growing, their customer support diminishing, and 4 months after the promised shipping dates, products are still not shipped. It certainly begins to look like it. [divider]CCN[/divider] In September 2013, an eCoin forum user asked if Black Arrow is a scam. Back then, there certainly...