Tron Saga Takes Curious Turn as Justin Sun Faces New Allegation

bram cohen accuses justin sun of not making a payment for BitTorrent

The Tron saga took another curious turn on Thursday, as Bram Cohen - the creator of BitTorrent - alleged that Justin Sun failed to make a scheduled payment stemming from his purchase of BitTorrent last year. Bram Cohen: Is Justin Sun 'Hard Up for Cash?' Writing on Twitter, Cohen - who is no longer affiliated with BitTorrent but operates another cryptocurrency project - claimed that Sun “isn’t...

Tron CEO's Childish Warren Buffett Stunt Batters BTT Cryptocurrency

justin sun, warren buffett lunch, bittorrent cryptocurrency price

By CCN: The BitTorrent cryptocurrency price tanked over 6% in Monday trading after Tron CEO Justin Sun's latest announcement stunt flopped in hilarious fashion. Tron Founder Will Pitch Crypto to Bitcoin Hater Warren Buffett It turns out Sun was the mystery bidder who won a charity lunch auction to dine with investing oracle Warren Buffett. This year is the 20th anniversary of Buffett's annual...

This Crypto Startup Taps the BitTorrent Model to Revolutionize Gaming

By CCN: Most multiplayer games use centralized services to provide “caching” of content, specifically things like graphics and real-time data. Major providers like Azure and Amazon Web Services are the preferred way to ensure a reliable experience for players. But that might be changing with the advent of a new decentralized protocol called Bluzelle, which uses crypto token incentives and the...

To the Moon? Tron’s Justin Sun Gives Bold TRX and BTT Price Predictions

Justin Sun, tron (TRX), crypto scam

By CCN: Tron recently fell out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, displaced by Charles Hoskinson’s Cardano. They both compete for the smart contract market with Ethereum. BTT: Top 30 Token in Q2? Justin Sun doesn’t believe Tron will take this lying down, and says Tron will be back in the top 10 by next month. More daring than that, however, is Sun’s prediction that BitTorrent, which did its popular...

Bitcoin Killer? What’s New And Old With BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen's 'Chia'

Bram Cohen, BitTorrent, Shia

If you ask its official website, Bram Cohen’s Chia project is the first “enterprise” digital currency.
Forget Ripple, Stellar, or the host of stablecoins launched over the past couple years. It’s Chia – the “green” crypto project developed in answer to the question of Bitcoin’s high resource usage, which is the first enterprise-grade cryptocurrency.

Did TRON Acquire a Liability in $126 Million Purchase of BitTorrent? A Record 3,300 Lawsuits Hits Platform's Users


According to The National Law Review and TorrentFreak, more than 3,300 lawsuits have reportedly been filed against BitTorrent users for copyright infringement. “Data collected by TorrentFreak from court records all over the country show that in the first half of the year, more than 3,300 separate lawsuits were filed. The majority of these cases list a single ‘John Doe’ defendant,” read a...

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