BitShares Brings a Human Element To Bitcoin 2.0


Ethereum first grabbed the attention of the Bitcoin 2.0 movement with news of their plan to create a platform for distributed contracts and DACs. BitShares and BitSharesX introduced the concept of “BitAssets" as one of the numerous technologies claiming to be “bitcoin 2.0” or “finance 2.0.” In essence, this “Bitcoin 2.0” movement represents a movement to leverage the power of globally...

CoinGecko Exclusive Interview: Bobby Ong Talks Altcoins


In a sea of cryptocurrency and altcoins, it can be incredibly difficult to pick and choose which ones to believe in. Without doing the proper research, anyone can be stuck following a hopeless coin. Sometimes people quote CoinMarketCap's figures but there is more to the picture than that. It’s well-known that a coin cannot thrive based on the vanilla "economic" value of market cap . Dogecoin is a...

BitShares Exclusive Interview - On Decentralized Autonomous Companies


"BitShares does for businesses what Bitcoin is doing for money," goes the Bitshares motto, even though BitShares' cryptocurrency asset has increased five times in value in only 13 days. Brian Page, BitShares Director of Marketing, tells us how Bitshares has gained such rapid growth in such a short period and what this means for the cryptocurrency landscape. BitSharesX price is now over an...

Weekly Altcoin News Update: BitSharesX Price Soars, XCurrency's Plan to Decentralize the Internet, and More


Welcome to the CCN Weekly altcoin news update, where we profile altcoin news stories that have flown under-the-radar. This week's issue profiles the incredible rise of the BitSharesX price, XCurrency's new plan to decentralize the internet, and the end of the initial phase of the Storj crowdsale. [divider]CCN[/divider] BitSharesX Price Soars; Vaults to #3 in Market Cap The BitSharesX price has...