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Bitcoin Mining Industry ‘Under Considerable Stress,’ 1.3 Million Devices Switched Off

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For much of the year, the bitcoin mining industry appeared to be impervious to the crypto market downturn, as the flagship cryptocurrency’s hash rate continued to climb even as the BTC price halved -- and then halved again. In recent weeks, however, cracks have begun to form in this sector as well. Bitcoin Hash Rate Drops as Miners Turn off Older Devices Earlier this month, Bitcoin network...

BitMEX: Bitcoin Cash Hash War Costing Miners Millions in Lost Revenue

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According to BitMEX Research, going under the assumption that much of the hash rate on both sides of the Bitcoin Cash "hash war" has been leased since the fork, says that BCH miners have collectively lost as much as $6.1 million in gross revenue since last week's blockchain split -- but that one side, Bitcoin SV, can't "keep this up forever." Something which has to be noted in any such discussion...

Bitcoin Cash: Where the 4th-Largest Cryptocurrency Stands the Day after the Fork

bitcoin cash fork

Yesterday, the Bitcoin Cash network activated its second scheduled semi-annual hard fork since the cryptocurrency split away from the original Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike the previous protocol upgrade, however, this fork was contentious, with development teams launching two competing, incompatible BCH implementations. Background: Another Fork in the Bitcoin Cash Road The group adhering to the...

BitMEX Takes Aim at Bitcoin Core, Will Launch Competing Software Client

bitmex cryptocurrency exchange

The research arm of cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX has announced that it will launch its own Bitcoin software client to compete with reference implementation and industry standard Bitcoin Core. Unveiled this week in a lengthy post discussing the merits of competing software clients, BitMEX Research said that it chose to release its own BTC client to help correct the misunderstanding that...

Ethereum Price Decline Hasn’t Hurt ICO-Funded Startups: BitMEX Research

ethereum price decline

With the ethereum price sitting more than 80 percent below its all-time high in mid-September, the conventional wisdom said that startups who had raised funds through initial coin offerings (ICOs) were likely driving the sell-off. ICOs, after all, had been conducted almost entirely using ETH, leaving hundreds of startups sitting on a steadily-depreciating asset. The convention wisdom, it turns...

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