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Did the NSA Outline Bitcoin In 1996?

The NSA was one of the first organizations to describe a Bitcoin-like system. About twelve years before Satoshi Nakamoto published his legendary white paper to

David Orban Explains the Bitcoin Singularity

David Orban is an entrepreneur and a visionary global high technology analyst. He is CEO of the US-based technology platform and services company Dotsub, which

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Netscape Founder Wishes He Invented Bitcoin

In a recent interview with CNET, Netscape founder Marc Andreessen shared his viewpoint on Bitcoin, saying that he wished he invented Bitcoin without hesitation. “When

Expedia Experiments With Bitcoin

Seems like a lot of big-name companies are becoming bitcoin-friendly recently. Dish Network began accepting bitcoin about two weeks ago; Apple reversed its ban on

4 Lines of Defence Against a 51% Attack

The bitcoin community has been critical for the past two days of the increasing hash rate of the biggest bitcoin mining pool Ghash which states