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SEC-Approved Bitcoin ETF Possible in 18 months: Crescent Crypto CEO

SEC ICO Cryptocurrency

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could approve a Bitcoin ETF in the next 18 months, said Ali Hassan, the CEO, and one of the three co-founders of asset manager Crescent Crypto. Hassan, a former Goldman Sachs executive, was speaking at Bloomberg Markets studios about the considerable potential of passive management strategies in cryptocurrency markets. On being asked about the...

Bitcoin Accepting Shops in Japan Increase Drastically, by 4.5x


The Japanese bitcoin market has added a significant number of bitcoin merchants this past year. Local publications such as NHK revealed that there were over 4,200 bitcoin-accepting shops in Japan by the end of 2016, demonstrating roughly an annual growth rate of 4.6x. Rapid increase in the acceptance of bitcoin by merchants can be directly attributed to the Japanese government’s recognition of...

Bobby Lee: Bitcoin’s Low Volatility is a Sign of Maturity


Bobby Lee, co-founder and CEO of a major Chinese bitcoin exchange BTCC, recently stated that the decreasing volatility rate of bitcoin is a sign of maturity which can be served as an evidence to prove that a store of value can, in fact, be digital in nature. Over the past year, the volatility rate of bitcoin has substantially decreased, moving down from 4.97% in the beginning of the year to 1.41%...

Can Bitcoin Wages Lower Volatility?


A good discussion here, from Coinbrief, is whether wages paid in Bitcoin would lower volatility. In short the proposal put forward is as follows: Bitcoin wages > businesses need more Bitcoin, they either buy directly or offer goods/services or increased incentives for Bitcoin sales to customers > or use Bitcoin wages (which amounts to the processor buying more bitcoins) > businesses...

5 Reasons Volatility on Bitcoin Charts Will Decline

Bitcoin Charts Volatility

Price volatility is still the Achilles heel of Bitcoin right now, but the bitcoin charts have been showing a movement towards stability over the past few years. While anyone could move the market with a few hundred dollars in the early days of the cryptocurrency, it now takes a hefty chunk of cash to move the digital asset in one direction or the other. Merchants and mainstream users are still...