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Crypto Investors Rank Third on Dashlane's 'Worst Password Offenders' List


Password management and crypto custody company Dashlane yesterday announced the third edition if its annual "Worst Password Offenders" list, with cryptocurrency investors sitting at number three on the list. The purpose of the tongue-in-cheek ranking is to highlight password-related mistakes made by high profile individuals and organisations so as to sensitise the public about best practices for...

Users Report Losing $400,000 Due to Jaxx Wallet Vulnerability

Stellar Lumens

According to a report from Vx Labs, a vulnerability that allows hackers to steal cryptocurrencies from users has been discovered in popular cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx, and has reportedly already led to $400,000 being stolen. The report, published on Friday, shows its possible for hackers to extract a 12-word backup phrase, copy it, and then use it to restore the user’s wallet with...

Bitcoin Core Developer: Rely on Proper Bitcoin Storage Methods

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With bitcoin price increasing at a rapid rate and investors rushing in to purchase the digital currency, Jonas Schnelli, a Bitcoin Core developer and co-founder of minimalist bitcoin hardware wallet Digital Bitbox, cautioned users to rely on proper bitcoin storage methods. One basic practice which bitcoin users must always implement is preventing the usage of custodial wallet platforms. That...

World's First Bitcoin Security Launched on Regulated Exchange


Monday morning was another watershed moment in Bitcoin history as the digital currency broke new ground in Sweden. Finansinspektionen, Sweden's controlling authority for finance, gave permissions for Stockholm's own Bitcoin-based tracker XBT Provider to be released in a public launch last month on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. Trading on the exchange began this morning. World's First Bitcoin...

Bitcoins in Space: BitSat to Protect Bitcoin's Future in Orbit

bitcoins in space

One of the biggest misconceptions is Bitcoin is somehow not secure. Critics will point out that exchange failures are some inherent weaknesses in Bitcoin, and that it cannot be trusted as currency. Advocates point out that Bitcoin theft is very low when people manage their own Bitcoins, as creator Satoshi Nakamoto intended. Now, a true innovation is taking Bitcoin into an orbit near you. BitSat...

MultiSig for a Twelve-Year Old: an Interview with Gem CEO Micah Winkelspecht


Gem is a new platform for developers that can sometimes be implemented in under ten lines of code. We got CEO Micah Winkelspecht to answer a few questions about the technology underneath and the benefits of using Gem. From explaining multi-signatures in a way that a 12-year-old can understand to the future of the cryptocurrency space, this exclusive interview illuminates an exciting new codebase...