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Why Segwit is Important For Trezor & Other Hardware Bitcoin Wallets

Trezor bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet

Segregated Witness (Segwit) is a scalability solution introduced to scale the bitcoin network and to eliminate transaction malleability. Bach Nguyen, community director of prominent hardware bitcoin wallet manufacturer Trezor, states that Segwit also serves an important role in maximizing security measures and efficiency of hardware bitcoin wallets. Since its introduction to the bitcoin...

Bitcoin Core Developer: Rely on Proper Bitcoin Storage Methods

Ripple Escrow Lock

With bitcoin price increasing at a rapid rate and investors rushing in to purchase the digital currency, Jonas Schnelli, a Bitcoin Core developer and co-founder of minimalist bitcoin hardware wallet Digital Bitbox, cautioned users to rely on proper bitcoin storage methods. One basic practice which bitcoin users must always implement is preventing the usage of custodial wallet platforms. That...

CryptoLabs Case Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Melds Biometrics, Multi-Sig, and Ease-of-Use


CryptoLabs, led by Melanie Shapiro, is working on a new "Case," a Bitcoin hardware wallet that will set a new standard for security and ease-of-use. The CryptoLabs Case will soon undergo its first manufacturing run, and sales will begin once products are ready to ship. As with any new entrant to the Bitcoin space, skepticism runs amok. CryptoLabs has released their inaugural blog post explaining...

CryptoLabs Launches Secure Bitcoin Hardware Wallet


CryptoLabs, a new Bitcoin technology development startup, launched a hardware Bitcoin wallet that allows users to store buy, send, sell and receive the digital currency, TechCrunch reports. CryptoLabs founder Melanie Shapiro the pursuit of security has created complexity and led to an extremely cumbersome experience, destroying any incentive for the average user to adopt Bitcoin. She adds:...

Hardbit Bitcoin Wallet - An Offline and Secure Cold Storage Unit

Hardbit Bitcoin Wallet. An Offline, Secure, Cold Storage Unit

Hardbit recently started shipping the Hardbit HB01 Bitcoin Hardware Wallet.  The HB01 is a low cost offline, secure, cold storage solution for your bitcoins that still allows you to use them when you want. The Trezor wallet is just starting to ship pre-orders and Butterfly Labs has still not shipped their hardware wallet (or anything at all for that matter). This has left a huge gap in the market...