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Wall Street Journal: Digital Currencies Like Bitcoin Will Disrupt Global Finance


The recent drop in bitcoin price has given ammunition to bitcoin skeptics. But this weekend, readers of The Wall Street Journal got a long-term perspective on bitcoin with an essay titled, “The Revolutionary Power of Digital Currency.” The essay sported a dazzling illustration showing of the headline bursting out from an unzipped leather wallet. A side note advised readers the 2,472-word essay by...

isoHunt's Gary Fung Says Bitcoin Can Help End Online Piracy


Online piracy has been on the minds of many thanks to the recent Sony debacle. Those who were torrenting movies and music anytime in the last decade may remember Gary Fung's major contribution to the torrent community: isoHunt, a site much like the Pirate Bay, which shut down last year after Fung made a settlement of $110 million with Hollywood. Fung, who lives in Western Canada, wrote with a...

TED Lecturer Matt Ridley Blogs On Bitcoin Founder and Future


Prized author and Oxford Alumni Matt Ridley is an entrepreneur whose thoughts and opinions have reached millions across the world in over 30 different languages. His recent book “The Rational Optimist: How prosperity evolves” argues: “The secret of human prosperity is that everybody is working for everybody else.” For one hundred thousand years specialization and sharing ideas have been a source...

United States CFTC to Discuss Bitcoin Futures' Future


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is set to meet this October to discuss its jurisdiction over bitcoin futures. Through its Global Markets Advisory Committee, the CFTC will have a meeting with two panels, all of which will be open to the public. The meeting will take place on October 9th, 2014 at the CFTC Headquarters in Washington DC. The upcoming meeting marks the first time that the...

Pt. 2 How Bitcoin changed Juan Garavaglia's life

How Bitcoin changed Juan Garavaglia’s life and what will decide the Bitcoin price in the future

For Pt. 1 of this interview, click here! How many people are in 112bit? Are you doing it alone or do you have a team? There is a girl who does orders and such, and I do sales and more with help from another guy. We are looking to add more people especially in support. Someone who likes to play with every new unit and look at it from multiple ways. We are also going to add two persons to process...