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Coinex back online, still missing 50% of stolen funds

CoinEx back online

Two weeks ago, I reported on cryptocurrency exchange Coinex.pw being hacked. All coins were stolen, and the site went offline. After two days, founder Erundook posted a statement at Bitcointalk, saying Coinex would reimburse the stolen coins from their own pockets. Needless to say, the community felt worried and didn't want to take Erundook's word for it. As of today, Coinex is back online. Not...

BTC-e Opens Chinese Markets To Chinese Traders: CHN/USD, CHN/BTC, and CHN/LTC


BTC-e has opened up USD/CNH, BTC/CNH, and LTC/CNH markets today.  With looming PBOC action that would end Chinese Bitcoin exchange's access to domestic bank accounts, Chinese traders are undoubtedly looking for new exchanges to trade on.  Along with Chinese RMB (CNH to BTC-e) trading comes RMB deposits, which are handled through an international bank.  An international bank means that Chinese...

Isle of Man Doesn't Require Bitcoin Licenses

Isle of Man Bitcoin

Isle of Man, the British dependency, could offer an isolated paradise for cryptocurrencies. The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) ruled that many of the island’s licensing laws do not apply to Bitcoin, CoinDesk reports. This hands-off approach might signal the birth of a friendly relationship between the island government and novel Bitcoin-inspired payment systems. According to Robert Paul...

BTC-e: trustworthy or recipe for disaster?

BTC-e and its secrets: trustworthy or recipe for disaster?

After the failure of the largest Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, its users were forced to spread out to different locations to trade in cryptocurrencies. There are lots of alternatives available, but the majority of people found a new home at Bitstamp and BTC-e. Both have been around for quite some time, but that is no guarantee for safety. Especially BTC-e seems 'shady'. Over the past weeks, a growing...

Mt. Gox CEO Karpeles refuses travel to U.S. for questioning

Mtgox Karpeles refuses to travel to US for hearings

Mark Karpeles must be one of the most talked about people in the world of Bitcoin. Normally, one would be happy to be a trending topic but in Karpeles' case, I highly doubt that's the case. The Mt. Gox CEO is held responsible for all the bankruptcy of his exchange and has several lawsuits waiting. Today, news came out Karpeles is refusing to travel to the United States for questioning, after...

CryptoRush support worker leaks inside info


Big stories often take some time to emerge. When they see the light, it's usually just the tip of the iceberg. Mt. Gox was like this and CryptoRush is just the same. Another leak appeared today, this time from one of the exchange's support workers. One month of hacking DogeyMcDoge has been working for CryptoRush since late February. When looking back on his first month, it's clear that this was...

Breaking: CryptoRush loses millions of Blackcoins

Cryptorush suffers millions of Blackcoin loss

UPDATE 1: Fxxxx provided a longer log of the chat conversation. A lot of threats were made by CryptoRush towards the Blackcoin developer. Not the best way to talk about things, see for yourself here. It's understandable the CryptoRush team doesn't want this part to go around the net, since the threats made by fyrstikken aren't pretty to say the least. Another exchange is facing difficult times...

Audit shows Kraken's reserve covers all balances

kraken audit shows exchange covers all balances

Bitcoin exchange Kraken has announced it has passed an audit that proves that more than 100% of Kraken's Bitcoins are held in reserve. The whole process shows that Kraken owns the amount of Bitcoins required to cover an anonymized set of customer balances. Improve overall confidence The audit was conducted by Stephan Thomas, CTO of Ripple Labs. Thomas made a post about him performing the audit...

Australian Bitcoin trading platform going global

Btc.sx going global after capital investment

Btc.sx is a Bitcoin derivatives trading platform, created in Australia. Operating from their office in Singapore and London, Sydney was more expensive; they offer derivatives. These can best be described as instruments that allow investors to trade in something indirectly. As the name implies, they are “derived” units of value. Btc.sx is currently the most popular platform for doing trades like...

Monday: Second Market's Barry Silbert To Meet With 250+ Billion USD Worth Of Institutional Investors


In a tweet Sunday afternoon, Second Market's Barry Silbert revealed his busy schedule for Monday, March  24th, 2014.  Along with other institutional investors, he will be attending Barclays Emerging Payment Forum at the Crowne Plaza Time Square Hotel in New York City.  However, as the tweet reveals, Barry Silbert will likely be bogged down with meetings all day: Requests from 38 institutional...

CCN Week in Review: Mt. Gox "Finds" 200K BTC, Blockchain Downtime, Bitcoin Price Drop, and More

CCN Week in Review: Mt. Gox "Finds" 200K BTC, Blockchain Downtime, Bitcoin Price Drop, and More

The week of 17 March - 23 March was pretty eventful in the Bitcoin world. We learned that Mt. Gox stumbled upon 200,000 bitcoins previously thought to have been stolen in an old wallet, that popular web wallet Blockchain suffered extended downtime due to a database issue, that the price of bitcoin fell below 600 USD, and more. Here are our top stories this week in case you missed them. [youtube ]...

Breaking: Vircurex Has Halted Withdrawals

Breaking: Vircurex Halts Withdrawals

Popular altcoin exchange Vircurex just announced that it has stopped withdrawals for BTC, LTC, FTC (Feathercoin) and TRC (Terracoin). Any incoming deposit will not be credited. Furthermore, on 24 March, all BTC, LTC, FTC, and TRC accounts will be frozen until Vircurex can redistribute available funds to users. Last year, the exchange was hacked twice, resulting in a large loss of coins. Vircurex...

BTC-e Allows Withdrawal Of Funds To Visa And Mastercard In Any Currency, Let's See How Long That Lasts


Today, at 17:49 BTC-e time, BTC-e released this update on their site.  This was the first update in nearly a month, the last update being a statement regarding Mt. Gox. Withdrawal of funds on the cards VISA / MasterCard issued in any country and in any currency. Dear our valuable clients! We are pleased to announce that for your convenience, we have implemented a new payout system that allows you...

Fake China Bitcoin Ban pushes BTC price below $600

Bitcoin price drops after rumour about China ban

Update: it seems there was a document, saying People's Bank of China is looking into strengthening regulations. A ban on Bitcoin is definitely not part of it. The story is still developing, we will keep watching this closely. Bitcoin price has been dropping significantly since yesterday. Markets were responding worried after being told the People's Bank of China released a statement in which they...

Mt. Gox Confirms ~200,000 Bitcoins Under Their Control... But Bitcoiners Already Knew That


Mt. Gox has released a PDF in Japanese and English detailing the recovery of ~200,000 BTC.  Read it here!   This news was originally broken in a Japanese language post on Yahoo, Mt. Gox's Mark Karpeles admitted that Mt. Gox was still in control of 200,000 BTC, roughly 23.52%  of the 800,000 BTC that they claimed to have lost in their civil rehabilitation proceedings. The google translated...

SatoshiDice inquiried for Bitcoin-denominated stock

satoshidice under review by SEC

Online gambling website SatoshiDice.com is undergoing an investigation to determine if the company broke any U.S. laws by having a Bitcoin-denominated stock sale. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) believes this may be in fact illegal. Not like ordinary money The Securities and Exchange Commission contacted MPEx, an online exchange for Bitcoin-based trading, asking them to provide...

Breaking: CoinEx.pw hacked, all coins stolen

coinex got hacked, coins stolen

Another one bites the dust. CoinEx.pw seems to be the next exchange that became the victim of a successful hack. Today, CoinEx finally responded on Bitcointalk.org. A few days ago, people started complaining in CoinEx' official thread at the Bitcointalk forum. At first, deposits and withdrawals seemed impossible. Shortly after that, basic trading became unavailable, as well. Some time later, the...

BREAKING: As Promised, Bitcurex Resumes Operations on Tuesday

BREAKING: As Promised, Bitcurex Resumes Operations on Tuesday

Update: EUR trading is back as well. Last week, Poland's largest bitcoin exchange, Bitcurex, halted all trades to investigate a hacking attack. A malicious user attempted to obtain 19,000 BTC from the exchange with a fraudulent buy order. However, the site was shut down within 5 minutes of the buy order, and Bitcurex offered the following statement soon afterwards: Dear Users, We successfully...

Support worker gets Bitcoin exchange hacked

Canadian Bitcoin exchange gets hacked

Another Bitcoin exchange has been hacked. Canadian Bitcoins, an exchange based in Ottawa, has lost over $100,000 worth of Bitcoins in a heist that happened during an incident on October 1st 2013. The story is different from Mt. Gox or any other hacking events. The hacker didn't even need to actually 'hack' the system. Warning: the following story may sound unbelievable... On October 1st 2013, a...

Bank of Thailand issues another statement on Bitcoin

Bank of Thailand warns people against Bitcoin

In the long list of countries shedding their light upon Bitcoin, Thailand seems to be one of the countries that doesn't know whether it should love or hate the virtual currency. Last month, the Bank of Thailand allowed the country's largest Bitcoin exchange site to resume operations. Bitcoin.co.th was forced to shut down in August last year, after Bank of Thailand ruled that the using and trading...

BREAKING: MtGox.com Accepting Logins

mtgox login march 17

Early in the morning Japan time, Tuesday, MtGox.com suddenly began allowing former users to log in to their accounts in order to check their wallet balances. Without warning, the following message appeared on the website, below two input boxes: Important announcement to all users confirming their account This balance confirmation service is provided on this site only for the convenience of all...

Nasty Mining and the Nasty Fans Coin: A Different Way to Mine and the Man Behind It.

NastyMining Celebrates It's 2 Year Anniversary With The NastyPool Mining Lotto

A couple months ago I saw a new physical Bitcoin being offered that had a unique and interesting concept behind it. It's the Nasty Fans Seat coin. As you know from my previous article on the MicroSoul coin, I am a fan of physical Bitcoins especially those that break the mold. This led me to look into what Nasty Mining was all about. What I found, was a solid foundation and set of supporters...

Mastercoin launches distributed exchange

Ethereum Classic

Mastercoin has launched a decentralized exchange feature, which is in effect a distributed exchange. Several months ago, the Mastercoin team launched the idea for this type of exchange. The concept had potential, as shown by the raising of 4.740 Bitcoins in a public kickstarter (this was worth about $600.000 at the time). The development process had contests for bounties to get developer's...

Japanese Lender Mizuho Caught in Mt. Gox Scandal

Mizuho Digital Currency blockchain

(Reuters)  Connection to the former leading Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, has entangled another business partner in the exchange's highly publicized demise. One of Japan's largest lenders, Mizuho Bank Ltd., was added as a defendant to an existing U.S. lawsuit against Mt. Gox.  The suit alleges that Mizuho aided Mt. Gox's fraud by providing banking services to the troubled exchange. Mizuho held fiat...

Bitcoin Exchange Doing Security Right: Bitcurex Successfully Blocked A Hacking Attack


Some 9 hours ago, astute Bitcoiners watching Bitcoin exchange charts were greeted by a surprising blip on Poland's largest Bitcoin Exchange: Bitcurex.  Bitcurex has been in operation since July 2012, and is operated out of Lodz, Poland under the registered Digital Future Ltd.  It seems that a hacker managed to create 94 million PLN (The Polish Zloty) and used the fiat to buy Bitcoin orders on the...

Mt. Gox kept trading despite knowing of theft


The Mt. Gox saga just doesn't stop. After filing for bankruptcy in Japan, the once popular exchange now did the same in the United States. When taking a closer look at the U.S. filing, it appears Mt. Gox may have collected a large sum in trading fees in the weeks before the website went dark. All of this was done while it was fully aware that a large number of Bitcoins had gone missing. 19 days...

New York issues order on cryptocurrency exchanges

New York will regulate cryptocurrency exchanges

In an official statement made last Tuesday, the financial authorities of New York said that they would soon begin accepting applications for virtual currency exchanges. These would include those dealing in Bitcoins. This is a consequence of regulator's growing interest in the technology. It was Benjamin M. Lawsky, the city's Superintendent of Financial Services who issued the public order. Need...

The Bitcoin Foundation: Some Questions


I've just spend a pleasant evening, nursing a cold beer, looking over The Bitcoin Foundation's posts and educating myself as to who exactly these people are and what they are bringing, or at least claiming to bring, to the table. Now, I've never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the proverbial drawer and for that particular reason I've decided that I will take this task slowly and stop to ask a...

$113 Million 'Mt Gox' bitcoins may be moving through blockchain


  Movements from Mt Gox? Since Mt Gox spectacularly applied for bankruptcy protection, leaving an estimated half a billion dollars of a hole behind it, there have been people asking a number of questions. What exactly was happening? Where did the missing bitcoins go? Can they ever be recovered? Many people have been trying to trace transactions to and from Mt Gox  in order to get answers to...

Coinffeine: A P2P Alternative to Centralised Bitcoin Exchanges

Coinffeine: A P2P Alternative to Centralised Bitcoin Exchanges

After the Mt. Gox meltdown, people have become a lot warier of centralised exchanges. Gox, Bitstamp, BTC-E, and other popular exchanges see thousands of Bitcoins traded daily, yet they have nothing like FDIC insurance to really back them up in the event of insolvency. Instead, users are forced to trust these services' accountability and security. Furthermore, such centralised exchanges are huge...

Buttercoin Promises To Launch *Very* Soon... But Where And What?

buttercoin for bitcoin

Buttercoin has just emailed everyone that signed up for their early access list! If you are interesting in pushing me further up the queue to get more information on Buttercoin to the masses faster, please follow this link and register for early access. Who Is Buttercoin? Buttercoin was founded by Cedric Dahl and Bennet Hoffman, formerly of CoinHarvest, back in 2013 and received roughly $1.6...

VirtEx, Canada's Largest Bitcoin Exchange, Now Accepts Litecoin Trades

VirtEx, Canada's Largest Bitcoin Exchange, Now Accepts Litecoin

Here's some awesome news for Canadians. VirtEx, Canada's first and largest Bitcoin exchange just started accepting Litecoin for LTC/CAD (Canadian dollars) and BTC/LTC trading. Our site will be going down at 9:30am(MST) for approximately 2 hours to upgrade and launch LTC/CAD and BTC/LTC trading!!! — CaVirtex (@cavirtex) February 19, 2014 While VirtEx is a relatively small exchange when compared to...

CampBX Has Been Dropped By Their Bitcoin Fearing Bank; They've Halted ACH And Wire Transfers In And Out

campbx ach update

  According to an interview with CampBX's CEO back in May of 2013, CampBX has always aimed to be the premier regulatory compliant US-based fiat-Bitcoin exchange in the world.  They have successfully registered as a money transmitter on both the federal level and the state level and they are based in Alpharetta, Georgia.  CampBX's CEO claims to spend between sixty and seventy-five percent of...

The Epic Fall Of Mt. Gox: The Increasingly Illiquid Bitcoin Exchange


Some time between June 22nd, 2013 and July 23rd, 2014 Mt. Gox finally removed that quote from the front page of their website.  In fact, long before summer of 2013 and even before the light bubble pop of April 2013, Mt. Gox was no longer processing 80% of all Bitcoin trade... Thus began the epic fall of Mt. Gox. Today, according to Bitcoincharts, Mt. Gox is currently the 2nd largest exchange by...

Korean Bitcoin Exchange Korbit receives $400,000 in Funding


The Verge is reporting that South Korean Bitcoin exchange Korbit, has received $400,000 in funding. The investment money was pooled together by a group of Silicon Valley investors. Korbit was founded by Tony Lyu and launched in April 2013. Tony Lyu previously had the following to say about his startup. We are expanding access to financial services and reducing financial costs by enabling people...

OpenEx Hacked


OpenEx.com has been hacked for more than 11 Bitcoins. The website states: The Server was hacked. Bitcoin wallet was stolen. do not deposit any more bitcoins. please withdraw the rest of your coins for details on the hack see: Bitcoin talk thread: .5 btc reward Here the admin r3wt writes: attacker used ssh to gain access and steal btc wallet. i discovered this while trouble shooting a customer who...

Embarking on my Bitcoin Trading Journey: Learn Basic Technical Analysis

Embarking on my Bitcoin Trading Journey: Learn Basic Technical Analysis

My Trading Experience I first dabbled with Trading and Technical Analysis back in November 2012, when I first got into Forex Trading. Back then, I was introduced to an Automated Forex Robot that could rake in passive income of about 5-10% a month, and used a Martingale (doubling) strategy for trading. In less than 3 months, half of my account went bust because I was using too high of a risk...

Bitcoin Free From Government Interference in Singapore


Good news from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the country's largest central bank has chosen to not interfere with businesses who accept Bitcoin for goods and services. Though small in size, Singapore is one of the world's financial hotspots, mainly due to low taxes and relaxed private banking policies.  Singapore also has the highest population of millionaires. Nearly 1 in six...

Chinese Bitcoin Ban Driven by Chinese Banking Crisis ?


Recent reports from China indicate there may be more to the Bitcoin ban than meets the eye.  According to the Financial Times (FT)  the Chinese banking system is in crisis which could explain the  Bitcoin ban  in China.   Chinese citizens seem to be  running away from their own banking system in droves and their Government is closing the escape paths — including Bitcoin.  During the run up of...

Mt. Gox: Where is your Security? Introducing the New OTP


Reddit user /u/sockinabox recently awoke to an email from Mt. Gox informing him that his funds had been withdrawn.  About $12,000 of his personal funds are now gone with absolutely no way for the rightful owner to recover them.  Just like the many times before that this has happened and been reported on /r/bitcoin, Mt. Gox's email support is unresponsive which only adds to the frustration...

New Startup Coinplug Plans To Bring Bitcoin To Korea


  Coinplug plans to be just like Coinbase except for the Korean market. The ease and security of Coinbase is one of the factors that led the price run up in the first half of 2013.  For the first time, Americans were able to buy and sell Bitcoins with the same ease that they bought and sold things using Paypal.  Orders placed on Coinbase were placed directly on Mt. Gox at the time and more...