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Nobel Winner Shiller Shows Poise, Calls Bitcoin a "Clever Idea"


Despite a spate of negativity stemming from Nobel economists stemming from Davos, there's one holdout who has begun to show some interest. Robert Shiller, a Yale economics professor who won the Nobel Prize for an empirical analysis of asset prices, at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland referred to bitcoin as a "clever idea," one that he seemingly continues to contemplate despite...

'Regulate it Out of Existence': Nobel Economist Fails to Find a Purpose for Bitcoin [Again]


Economist Joseph Stiglitz won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001 for analyzing markets with asymmetric information, but he can't find a useful function for bitcoin. This according to a recent article in Business Insider, which cited the Nobel-winning economists from Davos, Switzerland at the 2018 World Ecomomic Forum in an interview with Bloomberg. While in 2001 he was able to prove...

That Tax Free Bitcoin Economy You've Dreamt About Can't Exist

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The IRS asked Coinbase to produce records for users over a wide time period: two years. Members of the Bitcoin Community have expressed outrage over this. In fact, even Coinbase, whose CEO Brian Armstrong oft takes a pro-regulation stance, has rebuffed the move. Yet, many Bitcoiners take it much further, demanding a Bitcoin Economy that stands on its own. The premise is old as Bitcoin, but in...

Central Banks Fail to Bail Gox, Proving Superiority of Bitcoin Economy (As Per Satoshi)


There's a meme on r/Bitcoin used to describe excessive Bitcoin optimism; "all news is good news." But despite the title, this isn't an "all good news" story. It's a story about what makes a successful economy. Surprisingly, the key to economic success is failure. I don't mean this in a cheesy, "there are no failures, only learning experiences" motivational poster way. I mean that for  an economy...