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Beyond Meat's KFC Tie-Up Is Terrible for Brand Image

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Beyond Meat, which IPO'd earlier this year, decided combine its fake meat – ahem plant-based chicken – with Colonel Sanders' 11 herbs and spices. Unless the idea is to inherit the stigma and calories that are generally associated with fast-food joints, this pairing is a terrible idea. KFC is synonymous with comfort food, and patrons don't visit a fast-food joint for fake meat. Beyond Meat, on the...

Beyond Meat Crushed as Insiders Run for the Hills

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While the rest of the stock market rebounded by 1.2 percent on Tuesday, Beyond Meat stock tanked by $15 per share, or 8.4 percent. Beyond Meat stock is now down 30 percent from its all-time high. What’s going on and will it continue? Insiders are bailing on Beyond Meat, and so are investors On a day with no real company-specific news, the reasons for the selloff are fairly obvious… with one big...

Beyond Meat Tanks 13 Percent After-Hours Because of This Terrible News

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Beyond Meat reported its quarterly earnings on Monday. The numbers are not terribly impressive and hardly justify Beyond Meat’s stock valuation. Yet the company made a separate announcement that tanked the stock and will continue to tank the stock going forward. First, though, here are the important numbers and how to interpret them. Beyond Meat Still Makes No Money Revenues were $67.3 million...

Netflix Bubble Bursts and These 3 Tech Stocks Could Be Next

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Netflix stock plummeted 11% out of the gate despite posting better-than-expected earnings in Q2. The reason? A colossal miss in subscriber growth, the lifeblood of the debt-ridden media giant. Now that Wall Street appears to be waking up to overvaluations, here are three tech stock bubbles – Beyond Meat, Uber, and Tesla – that might be next. 1. Beyond Meat: To Infinity and Beyond? While you might...

Frothy IPOs Are an Ominous Sign of a Looming Stock Market Crash


By CCN Markets: The stock market is in the silly season when IPOs of companies that have no history of profits are soaring. The last time the stock market saw this behavior was when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Frothy IPOs aren’t the only reason for concern. The dot-com bubble stock market was the most expensive market in history. Today, the stock market is at its third most expensive...

Red Robin Investor Eyes Beyond Meat's Gains, Seeks Burger Joint Buyout

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By CCN Markets: For all the hype over Beyond Meat’s IPO and insane rising stock price, Red Robin, a good old-fashioned burger chain, soared roughly 30% on Thursday. One of its institutional investors would like to see the company sell itself. Buyout Offer Red Robin Gourmet Burgers received a letter from Vintage Capital demanding that the company consider selling itself to the private equity firm...

Why Fiverr, Beyond Meat, & CrowdStrike Stock Defied the Uber IPO Curse

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By CCN Markets: The Uber and Lyft IPOs went absolutely nowhere, despite enormous hype and anticipation. Since then, other IPOs from lesser-known companies like Fiverr, CrowdStrike, and Beyond Meat have soared. Why are these stocks getting the love when the long-anticipated Uber and Lyft IPOs flamed out in spectacular fashion? There are different reasons for each, but they relate to fundamentals...

Could Tyson Foods' Plant-Based Nuggets Be the Beyond Meat Killer?

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By CCN Markets: Beyond Meat stock tumbled 4% in today's pre-market trading following the announcement of a new competitor – Tyson Foods. The poultry powerhouse is set to enter the meatless arena later this summer, beginning with a plant-based "chicken" nugget. Beyond Meat investors pulled it together. The stock price is already back in the green for the day. Tyson Foods Is a Powerful Foe...

Beyond Meat Stock Crushed It Yet Again Thanks to Hype & Short Squeeze


By CCN Markets: Beyond Meat was the biggest non-penny-stock market winner on Wednesday, soaring another 12.7% to $142 per share. Beyond Meat's stock is now up 460% since its IPO. Why is Beyond Meat's stock going bonkers, and is the company’s valuation fair at this price? There are two reasons behind this insane move. A Lot of Hype The stock market is presently at its third most expensive ever...

Cattle Prod This Unicorn: Beyond Meat's Stock Will Kill Your Portfolio

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By CCN: In yet another example of the ongoing irrational exuberance in the stock market, Beyond Meat soared 15% in after-hours trading to $115 after its first post-IPO earnings report. Or rather, its first post-IPO loss report. Once again, the stock market insists on valuing money-losing businesses in the billions of dollars. Beyond Meat Stock Price Is Beyond Insane The stock market is giving...

Beyond Meat: This Stock Bubble Could Mirror the Bitcoin Crash


By CCN: Beyond Meat (BYND) is Wall Street's newest darling. After its stock rallied 168% in the best IPO in a decade, the vegan burger maker continues to impress while the rest of the Nasdaq suffers heavy losses. There is an unfortunate truth beneath all of this hype, and to explain it we need to look no further than the Bitcoin bubble. Deja Vu: Beyond Meat Feels Uncomfortably Like Bitcoin in...

Beyond Meat IPO: Vegans Turn Fake Beef into $1.2 Billion Cash Cow

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By CCN: IPO season is now in full swing, and yet another unicorn is ready to come to market. Beyond Meat, the vegan food manufacturer that wants to make fake beef mainstream, hopes to raise $183 million at a $1.2 billion valuation. Since we have their filing in hand, let’s take a look at two critical aspects of this innovative company. Beyond Burgers Are Everywhere Beyond Meat largely owes its...