Microsoft Knocks out IBM for Enterprise Blockchain Crown: Report

microsoft Blockchain

Microsoft’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) platform has taken the top spot in a ranking compiled by market foresight advisory firm ABI Research. Per the report , Microsoft managed to beat competitors in the ranking owing to the advantage it has on the actual implementation front where a wide range of platform services are offered. It also helped that Microsoft’s BaaS platform is deeply integrated...

Bank of America Analyst: Blockchain as a Service Market to Reach $7 Billion


A recent analysis by Bank of America’s Kash Rangan suggests that blockchain adoption will become a multi-billion dollar business. Tech giant Microsoft already offers BaaS (Blockchain as a service) tools and services through Microsoft Azure which launched in 2015. Microsoft’s Azure includes a ‘sandbox’ where developers can test their apps before launch as well as various...

ISAO as an Alternative to ICO: The BANKEX Solution


No one can question the important role Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have played in allowing businesses was to raise the capital to invest in assets that will allow them to expand and maximize their profits. ICOs enable companies to issue their own cryptocurrency that can be sold and traded, and in turn help raise the necessary capital to streamline their projects and scale faster. Moreover, ICOs...

Stratis Offers Blockchain as a Service to Its Users


When cryptocurrencies are mentioned, everyone thinks of bitcoin and Ethereum. However, there are plenty of other digital currencies, most people do not know of since they do not get enough media attention. One of these is Stratis, which surged up to the 9th most valuable currency at the end of May, currently standing on the 10th place. Stratis operates a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform...

Microsoft Announces Asia’s ‘First Blockchain Consortium’ in Taiwan

Taiwan ICO

Technology giant Microsoft has announced the formation of what it calls Asia’s “first and most advanced consortium blockchain network”, to use its Azure cloud platform, in Taiwan. With a focus on the Fintech sector wherein blockchain technology is primed to bring disruption to the banking industry, Microsoft has partnered with industry firm AMIS and the Technology Research Institute of Taiwan...

Microsoft Announces Blockchain Partnership with R3

Microsoft Blockchain

The New York-based private banking blockchain consortium led by R3 has now added a new “strategic’ partner, in global software giant Microsoft. In a new announcement made today, Microsoft is now in a partnership with R3CEV, a consortium of the leading banking institutions of the world that is looking to develop real-world blockchain solutions for the current banking and financial services...

Emercoin: Leading the way Towards a Decentralized World; An Interview with CCO Jason Cassidy


Emercoin was founded in 2013 as a hybrid of PPCoin and Namecoin and was established with the vision of creating a fully functioning merchant platform. This was achieved and now Emercoin is at the forefront of crypto development. Over the past 2 years, the project has developed many interesting features. My favorite feature developed so far is the advertising platform. Coming from a marketing...