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Natalie Portman Swings Thor's Hammer, Insecure Trolls Lose Their Minds

natalie portman, thor

Natalie Portman is waking up a new generation of frost giants. Crusty men are rising up all across the Internet, angry that Portman will now be wielding Mjolnir, Thor’s famous hammer. Marvel's Next Thor: Natalie Portman The news was announced on Saturday at Comic-Con International in San Deigo. Portman has appeared in 2011’s “Thor” and 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World” as Thor’s romantic interest...

Here's Why Fortnite Doesn't Need a Lame Avengers Crossover

Avengers Endgame, Fortnite

By CCN.com: Fortnite is a phenomenon. A money-chugging, time-sucking behemoth of a game that has upset the apple cart, closed down gaming studios that couldn't compete, and reset the clock. Epic Games stumbled across the winning formula way back in 2017 when another battle royale-style game, Player Unknown's: Battlegrounds, was keeping everyone busy. Since then it's grown into a $2.4 billion...

Dow Slumps But Key Stock Eyes Thanos-Sized Boost from Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame Thanos Disney Stock Dow

By CCN: The Dow slumped into Friday's trading session, as the stock market failed to push even further into record territory. However, key DJIA component Disney could receive a Thanos-sized boost from "Avengers: Endgame," which is already smashing records and could target a $1 billion global opening. Dow Slumps But Bullish GDP Rescues Index from Collapse The Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped...

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