AT&T Has Winner in Pricey HBO Max After 33% YTD Stock Surge

AT&T’s HBO Max will be more expensive than Disney+ and Apple TV+. HBO has been losing subscribers. No profit is expected for HBO Max for at least half a decade. AT&T’s video streaming service HBO Max will definitely raise eyebrows for being more expensive than rivals, but it hopes to compensate for that with tried … Read more

DirecTV May Deal Another Blow to the Reeling NFL

The NFL has had a rough couple of years. The sport’s rising injury toll is generating a ton of headlines this year, including superstar Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement at such a young age. You had the Colin Kaepernick controversy and all the politics around kneeling. And now it appears that these issues are coming home … Read more

AT&T Screams Buy Even Though There’s a Mass Exodus of TV Subscribers

AT&T is struggling to keep its premium TV customers from hitting the unsubscribe button in favor of on-demand streaming service providers, such as Netflix. According to Yahoo!, the company lost 778,000 subscribers in Q2 2019 to bring losses to over 1.4 million customers in just the first half of the year.  The good news is … Read more

‘Crypto Godfather’ Scores Early Win Against AT&T in $224 Million Lawsuit

A crypto investor who suffered a gut-wrenching $24 million loss in a sim swap hack scored an early victory against wireless carrier AT&T when a judge rejected the telecom giant’s request to dismiss the investor’s $224 million lawsuit, a press release published yesterday stated. Crypto investor demands justice – and cash – from AT&T Michael … Read more

Boom! Crypto Hack Victim Wins Bombshell $75 Million Case

By Crypto investor and entrepreneur Michael Terpin was awarded $75.8 million in California’s Supreme Court in a civil judgment against a man Terpin claims stole cryptocurrency assets from him. But Terpin has only just begun. The entrepreneur is also pursuing damages from AT&T and other members of the 21-year-old defendant’s gang. Crypto Crusader Unmasks … Read more

AT&T Crypto SIM Hijacking Victims Fight Back to Heap Pressure on Telecom Giants

After losing cryptocurrencies worth millions of dollars to SIM hijackers, a tech entrepreneur and other victims have launched an initiative aimed at raising awareness and pushing telcos into protecting subscribers, Motherboard reports. According to Robert Ross, who lost approximately US$1 million when fraudsters took control of his phone number and managed to gain access to … Read more

AT&T Wants to Create a Blockchain ‘Map’ of Your Social Media History

Telecom giant AT&T has filed a blockchain-oriented patent application to “map” social media histories. Titled “Blockchain-Based Social Media History Maps,” and published on Thursday, it describes a system of tracking social media history “on behalf of” subscribers. Presumably, such a service would be most useful to employers and prospective employers. AT&T Eyes Blockchain for Social … Read more