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Wall Street is Playing Chicken on Bitcoin Adoption: Hedge Fund CIO

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Ari Paul, the co-founder of crypto investment firm BlockTower Capital, says bitcoin adoption is at a standstill because Wall Street is taking a “wait-and-see” approach amid the bear market. In a lengthy tweetstorm, Paul says institutional viewpoints about cryptocurrencies fall into three categories: Venture capital mindset: Is there value creation we can capture with early-stage...

Did Tron Mislead Investors by Claiming Partnership with Baidu? Experts Weigh in

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On October 15, a trusted cryptocurrency source in China reported that the partnership Tron secured with Baidu was not really a partnership. CnLedger reported that according to local publications, Tron acquired the services of Baidu to launch, build, operate, and debug blockchain-based products on Baidu Cloud. “The ‘partnership’ between Baidu and Tron is basically about Tron buying...

$194 Million was Moved Using Bitcoin With $0.1 Fee, True Potential of Crypto

bitcoin transaction fee: $194 million in BTC for 10 cents

On October 16, a Bitcoin user moved 29,999 BTC worth $194 million with a $0.1 fee, a transaction which with banks would cost tens of thousands of dollars. An often pushed narrative against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is that it is expensive to clear transactions due to fees sent to miners. However, the $194 million payment on the Bitcoin blockchain demonstrates the potential of...

Yale University Has Invested in Two Cryptocurrency Funds: Report

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The “herd” of institutional investors that cryptocurrency bulls such as Mike Novogratz have perennially said is just over the horizon is finally making an appearance, as reports have emerged that one of the world’s largest university endowments has invested in two cryptocurrency funds. Yale University Endowment Makes Cryptocurrency Play Citing an anonymous source familiar with the matter...

A Pro-Crypto Gamer Hid Free Bitcoin in No Man’s Sky

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Looking to find some free bitcoin? A pair of planets on the No Man’s Sky action survival game are hiding 0.004 BTC, according to Hackernoon. Players can claim the bitcoin by finding the corresponding communications stations in the game. Jon Creasy, a crypto enthusiast and investment adviser, says more hidden bitcoin will soon be forthcoming. More importantly, he hopes his fellow gaming...

Universities Have Started to Invest in Bitcoin, Start of Institutional Adoption


According to John Lore, the founder of Capital Fund Law Group, academic institutions and universities have started to get involved in the cryptocurrency market, acknowledging the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. “We’re seeing some academic institutions getting involved on a limited basis for strategic reasons. I can’t say the names of [the academic...

‘Inevitable’ that Pensions and Endowments Make Crypto Play: Hedge Fund Exec

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Cryptocurrencies may soon land the white whale of the investing industry: institutional funds such as pensions and endowments. That’s according to Ari Paul, chief investment officer at cryptocurrency hedge fund BlockTower Capital, who told CNBC that he believes it’s “inevitable” that these institutional investment funds will add cryptoassets to their portfolios — sooner rather than later...

Think Coinbase Employees Engaged in Insider Trading? Deal With It.

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Investors who are incensed at the allegation that Coinbase employees engaged in insider trading before the exchange added support for bitcoin cash should probably reconsider their decision to invest in cryptocurrency, according to a prominent venture capital firm executive. Coinbase to Investigate Alleged Employee Insider Trading As CCN reported, Coinbase made the surprise announcement on Tuesday...

Bitcoin’s Recovery Picks Up Steam Following Fork


Bitcoin’s recovery from a temporary setback earlier in the week caused by bitcoin cash gained momentum Saturday, posting 13.86 percentage points in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of $53.588 billion. Bitcoin’s gains surpassed Ethereum’s 12.94 points and Ripple’s 7.05 points. Fourth place bitcoin cash continued its losing streak, dropping 18.82 points as its price fell to $220...