John McAfee Apologizes & Deletes Tweet About Apollo Cryptocurrency

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A repentant John McAfee was forced to make a public apology on Wednesday, as the tech maverick walked back statements he made regarding the Apollo cryptocurrency. McAfee chose to delete the tweets as part of his repentance, but not before his comments were widely circulated. John McAfee Walks Back Apollo Statements Attacking Apollo was an extraordinary course of action for the McAfee, who has...

Update: Apollo Currency Founder Sets the Record Straight on Scam Accusation

Apollo Coin

After I published a one-sided version of the Jelurida vs Apollo story last week, I’ve been (thankfully) called out by Steve McCullah, Apollo’s founder, and the entire Apollo community. However, not as one would expect. Did I misudge @ApolloCurrency on my latest piece? Will do a follow-up next week with new findings. A big thank you to the Apollo community for calling me out so nicely...