Litecoin Hashrate Skyrockets amid Rumors of Next-Gen Miner Availability


By CCN: Litecoin may not be immune to today’s crypto market sell-off, but the No. 5 cryptocurrency has been one of the leaders of 2019. In addition to the crypto market’s expanding value, the hashrate – which is a reflection of computing power dedicated to the network – has also been on the rise. Litecoin’s Hashrate Reaches an All-Time High Once again, Litecoin has been a...

Trump’s Tariffs are Putting the Pinch on Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain

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Increasing tensions in China-US trade relations may portend tougher times ahead for Chinese bitcoin mining hardware maker Bitmain, with shipments to one of its major overseas markets facing new tariffs since August 23. The South China Morning Post reports that Bitmain is seen by analysts as the cryptocurrency mining hardware firm with the most potential exposure to US trade barriers. Bitmain’s...

Bitmain Releases New Crypto Mining Internet Routers for Dash and Siacoin

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Bitmain has announced the launch of two internet routers that can mine Dash and Siacoin. In a tweet shared online, the company said the new miners, known as the Antrouter R3-DASH and Antrouter R3-SIA, will function as internet routers that can mine cryptocurrencies at the same time using the devices’ idle processing power. The routers are models from Bitmain’s R3 series of products...

Riot Blockchain Trades All Mined Bitcoin Cash into Bitcoin


Biotech-company-turned-cryptocurrency-investment-firm Riot Blockchain is not long on Bitcoin Cash. That’s one of several revelations from a recent public filing that provides an overview of the Colorado-based company’s 2017 financial results. The Nasdaq-listed firm, which reports that it had 3,500 Bitmain S9 miners deployed at a data center in Oklahoma City at the end of March and intends to have...

Samsung is Developing ASIC Chips for Halong Mining, Distributor Claims

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Samsung is producing ASIC chips for upstart mining hardware manufacturer Halong Mining, at least according to one mining rig distributor. On Tuesday, online mining rig retailer MyRig tweeted a picture of a wafer, a thin slice of semiconductor material used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. The company claimed that it was a 10 nm wafer produced by electronics giant Samsung. Now Dragon...

Review: Antminer S3 450 gh/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner By Bitmain

Review: Antminer S3 450 gh/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner By Bitmain

The Bitmain Antminer S3 Bitcoin ASIC Miner is their next step in the evolution of their ASIC chips as well as going back to the basics with the blade design that started it all. There are some changes that have been made along the way though. First is the cowled dual fan enclosure that the S3 has is a new twist on the first-blade design. They also made overclocking easier as well. The Antminer S3...

Bitmain does it again with the new Antminer S2 1th/s Miner.

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Today I was excited to see the release news on 112bit.com, a US distributor for Bitmain that they were starting to sell the new Antminer S2 1 th/s unit. The best part is just like the S1 no huge wait times. They will be shipping the first batch roughly April 1st of 2014. The Antminer S1 is a hit due to the competitive price and excellent availability of the units. With distributors like 112bit...