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"The Bitverse" - Potential For A Trustless, Decentralized Website Based On The Bitcoin Blockchain


A new project called 'The Bitverse' looks to creating websites that cannot be censored or suppressed by anchoring itself to the Bitcoin blockchain. Author, physicist, ex-Peace Corps member and current software developer Andrew Barisser shared a blog post today on Medium where he talks about his latest project to build what he sees as the beginnings of a decentralized website based on the...

Bitcrypt: Encrypted Messages in the Blockchain


The Bitcoin blockchain has been the scene of quite a bit of innovation beyond its currency application. There are passports, applications for fiat currency banking, and there is even talk of artificial intelligence based on the technology. Yesterday Bitcrypt, another attempt at innovation using the blockchain, was announced in a small Reddit thread. The idea is that you can write encrypted...

Andrew Barisser Defends The Pure Bitcoin Blockchain

System Design

Andrew Barisser of Assembly Coins makes strong arguments for building on top of the pure Bitcoin blockchain, rather than creating alternatives. Recently he wrote an open letter to Reddit, where he argued that Reddit should stick to a pure Bitcoin blockchain approach to building their planned cryptocurrency initiative, rather than going sidewise with alternative approaches. Now, probably prompted...

Andrew Barisser's Open Letter To Reddit: Build On Bitcoin


Yesterday, Reddit’s admin Yishan announced that they plan to create a cryptocurrency. Reddit raised $50 million in funding, and plans to share 10% with the userbase somehow, calling for the possible need for a cryptocurrency. The plan is in its infancy, but Andrew Barisser of Assembly Coins wrote an open letter to Reddit. He makes a strong argument for Reddit building on top of the Bitcoin...