Spend Bitcoin on Amazon, Thanks to Moon and the Lightning Network

amazon bitcoin

By CCN.com: You can now spend your bitcoin on giant Amazon, thanks to an ingenious lightning network solution, Moon. Moon is a crypto payment-processing start-up that works by allowing lightning network-enabled wallets to be used through Moon's browser extension. The extension allows shoppers to connect their cryptocurrency wallet to it, for example, a Coinbase wallet, and use it at checkout, to...

Amazon's Revenue Is Roughly Half that of Walmart, AMZN Stock Yawns

AMZN earnings, Amazon

By CCN: Amazon's stock is flat in after-hours trading after the company destroyed earnings estimates, beating them by a sizable amount – more than 50%. Amazon continues to conquer the world with nearly $60 billion in revenue in the first quarter alone, skyrocketing 17% from the comparable quarter last year. Amazon’s annual revenue is now roughly half that of Walmart’s. More than 80% of Amazon’s...

Alexa's Glaring Privacy Blunder Won't Clobber Amazon Stock

amazon stock alexa privacy scandal

By CCN: Since Amazon’s Alexa device was released in 2014, consumers have eagerly transformed it into a household staple. However, a bombshell Bloomberg report exposed a glaring privacy blunder in the "always on" device. That should be bearish for Amazon stock (NASDAQ: AMZN), right? Not so fast. Just like with Facebook’s semi-regular "Oops!" apologies, consumers will quickly shrug it off - and so...

Amazon with Lightning Network? Early Bitcoin Developer Isn't Impressed

Jeff Garzik, Amazon, Lightning Network

By CCN: You’ve likely heard the buzz about a new Chrome extension that will allow people to make purchases on Amazon using the Lightning Network, Moon. The buzz shouldn’t confuse you, hopefully: Amazon isn’t accepting any form of bitcoin, and they’re not integrating the Lightning Network. The extension does some ninja work in the background to get your crypto into fiat and then gives that to...

Supercharged Tech Stock Revival Fuels the S&P and Dow


By CCN: U.S. equities still have some runway left for gains, and tech is leading the way. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google's parent company Alphabet – otherwise known as FANG stocks – are the cat's meow once again. After shunning the FANG stocks in Q4 2018, investors welcomed the tech leaders back with open arms in Q1 2019, bolstering the market caps of these companies and fueling gains in...

'Disgusting' Bezos Exposé & Trump Love Spark National Enquirer Firesale

jeff bezos scandal donald trump national enquirer

Editorial brass at the National Enquirer went too far when they exposed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was cheating on his wife, MacKenzie Bezos. The "Pecker pic" saga, along with the publication's alleged affinity for Donald Trump, reportedly “disgusted” the powers-that-be at American Media Inc. (AMI) to the point that they moved to put the tabloid up for sale. According to the Washington Post, the...

Amazon's $15/hr Wage Won't Help Workers Replaced by Robot Army


Billionaire Jeff Bezos bragged that Amazon pays its employees a minimum wage of $15 per hour and challenged its competitors to follow suit. Ironically, though, the e-commerce giant just acquired a robotics startup whose machines could one day send many of those employees to the unemployment line. Robots Are Taking Over Amazon Warehouse Jobs Amazon’s purchase of Canvas Technology for an...

F**k Off Alexa: Thousands of Amazon Employees Listen to Your Conversations

Amazon, Alexa, Jeff Bezos

If you have never harbored concerns regarding what you say in the presence of your Amazon Echo device, you should now.
Bloomberg reports that Amazon has thousands of people on its payroll whose work is to listen to recordings of Echo devices. This is in an effort to make the Alexa virtual assistant better at understanding and responding to voice commands.

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