Amazon with Lightning Network? Early Bitcoin Developer Isn’t Impressed

Jeff Garzik, Amazon, Lightning Network

By CCN: You’ve likely heard the buzz about a new Chrome extension that will allow people to make purchases on Amazon using the Lightning Network, Moon. The buzz shouldn’t confuse you, hopefully: Amazon isn’t accepting any form of bitcoin, and they’re not integrating the Lightning Network. The extension does some ninja work in the background to get your crypto into fiat and then gives that to...

Supercharged Tech Stock Revival Fuels the S&P and Dow


By CCN: U.S. equities still have some runway left for gains, and tech is leading the way. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google’s parent company Alphabet – otherwise known as FANG stocks – are the cat’s meow once again. After shunning the FANG stocks in Q4 2018, investors welcomed the tech leaders back with open arms in Q1 2019, bolstering the market caps of these companies and...

‘Disgusting’ Bezos Exposé & Trump Love Spark National Enquirer Firesale

jeff bezos scandal donald trump national enquirer

Editorial brass at the National Enquirer went too far when they exposed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was cheating on his wife, MacKenzie Bezos. The “Pecker pic” saga, along with the publication’s alleged affinity for Donald Trump, reportedly “disgusted” the powers-that-be at American Media Inc. (AMI) to the point that they moved to put the tabloid up for sale. According to the...

Amazon’s $15/hr Wage Won’t Help Workers Replaced by Robot Army


Billionaire Jeff Bezos bragged that Amazon pays its employees a minimum wage of $15 per hour and challenged its competitors to follow suit. Ironically, though, the e-commerce giant just acquired a robotics startup whose machines could one day send many of those employees to the unemployment line. Robots Are Taking Over Amazon Warehouse Jobs Amazon’s purchase of Canvas Technology for an...

F**k Off Alexa: Thousands of Amazon Employees Listen to Your Conversations

Amazon, Alexa, Jeff Bezos

If you have never harbored concerns regarding what you say in the presence of your Amazon Echo device, you should now.
Bloomberg reports that Amazon has thousands of people on its payroll whose work is to listen to recordings of Echo devices. This is in an effort to make the Alexa virtual assistant better at understanding and responding to voice commands.

$5,000: Why Amazon Stock is Primed for a Parabolic 175% Rally

amazon stock, AMZN

One equities analyst is going all out on his bullish thoughts about Amazon stock (NASDAQ: AMZN), saying the company has the makings of what it takes to command $5,000 a share by 2025. That would put the company’s valuation at $2.5 trillion. It would also make it the first ever to reach that level, according to Doug Kass, president of Seabreeze Partners Management. He sent out an email to his...

Jeff Bezos Divorce Settlement Looks Wildly Bullish for Amazon Stock

amazon stock jeff bezos divorce mackenzie bezos

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have tidied up divorce proceedings, and amazingly, Mrs. Bezos isn’t dragging him to the cleaners. The world’s richest man is keeping a staggering 75% of his Amazon stock. The AMZN share price has so far been unmoved by the details, despite the fact that Jeff Bezos’ divorce settlement is excellent news for bulls. pic.twitter.com/OJWn3OOLS6 — MacKenzie...

500 Million Facebook Users Records Unbelievably End Up on Amazon Servers

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

By CCN.com: Facebook’s clumsy handling of its users’ data has reached the WTF level. The latest reveal came from cybersecurity firm UpGuard. In a cleverly titled report called “Losing Face: Two More Cases of Third-Party Facebook App Data Exposure” the firm pointed out how Facebook continues to screw up when it comes to user records. “The UpGuard Cyber Risk team can now report that two more third...

Amazon ‘Hates’ Walmart, Schemes to Kill Rival in Bloody Price War

jeff bezos, amazon

Online retail giant Amazon loathes rival Walmart so much that it’s slashing prices on 500 grocery items at its Whole Foods subsidiary just to crush Walmart into the ground. That’s what CNBC commentator Jim Cramer claims. “They hate, hate, hate Walmart!” said Cramer. “Walmart is the biggest grocery chain in the country. Amazon will stop at nothing to take away the [market]...

Bezos Sext Scandal: Did Saudi Arabia Use Israeli Spyware to Hack Amazon CEO?

jeff bezos amazon national enquirer david pecker

Saudi Arabia hacked Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’s private sexts, according to a recent bombshell report in the Daily Beast. Shock Claim: Saudia Arabia Hacked Amazon Founder to Expose Sexts In an article penned by Gavin De Becker, a private security consultant hired by Bezos to probe the leak of his intimate messages, the investigator concludes that the Saudi regime unlawfully gained access to the...

New York Voters Blame Amazon Fiasco on ‘Villain’ Ocasio-Cortez

alexandria ocasio-cortez, aoc, amazon

A new poll has revealed that 38 percent of New Yorkers believe that AOC was the ‘villain’ in Amazon’s failed attempt to bring its second headquarters to Queens, New York. New York Says Amazon HQ2 Loss is AOC’s Fault The Siena College poll, which was released on Monday, has revealed that New Yorkers believe Rep. Alexasandria Ocasio Cortez (D-N.Y.) was the biggest antagonist...

Why Buffett & Bezos Venture ‘Haven’ Could Save Free Market Healthcare

jeff bezos, warren buffett, haven

Healthcare has been a growing problem for Americans across the political spectrum for decades. Conventional political wisdom currently says it will likely be the central focus in the 2020 presidential election, and the Democrats ran with it to some success in the recent midterm elections. While private healthcare may seem to be on its last legs, a corporate venture from Berkshire Hathaway CEO...

Netflix Soars 6,500% in 10-Year Bull Market: The Mind-Boggling Numbers if You Bought the Bottom in 2009

10 year bull market Netflix S&P 500

The unstoppable US bull market has now officially entered its tenth year. On Saturday March 9th, it was exactly ten years since the S&P 500 carved out its last major low point, making this the longest bull run in history. The ten-year bull market has spurred a new generation of billionaires and generated more than $30 trillion in wealth. But what if you bought in at the bottom? March 9th...

Amazon ‘Momazonians’ Demand Free Childcare by Confronting Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Self-proclaimed “Momazonians,” a group of roughly 1,800 female Amazon employees, are demanding that the company provide them with backup daycare, and they’re taking their protest straight to the desk of CEO Jeff Bezos. ‘Momazonians’ Organize to Demand that Amazon Provide Employee Childcare Despite startling stats which support a much higher level of engagement and retention for...

Target CEO Isn’t Scared of Amazon’s Grocery Foray as Online Sales Jump 31%

Target stock minimum wage

The chairman and CEO of Target Corporation, Brian Cornell, has revealed that among the things that he worries about as the company head, the encroachment of Amazon in the grocery space is not one of them, according to Yahoo Finance. According to Cornell, the reason he is unmoved is that success in the grocery business comes after a long period as the sector is a ‘challenging space, there’s lots...

Flip-Flop: Ocasio-Cortez Revisits HQ2 Protest While Cuomo Woos Amazon

alexandria ocasio-cortez, amazon, aoc

More than two weeks after Amazon announced it had scrapped plans to build part of its second headquarters in New York following opposition from local politicians, an aide to U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said that AOC would welcome the online retail giant back to the Empire State as long as there’s community involvement. Per the congresswoman’s chief of staff Saikat...

Amazon Alarms Dow Jones Antiques as Elon Musk Shuts Superficial Tesla ‘Stores’

Amazon, Jeff Bezos

There has been a sizeable amount of interest in the US regarding the health of giant retailers amid a mass of store closings. Included in this talk has been what effect this might have on US stock markets. In the Dow Jones, Nike leads the way as a top retail pick, having posted 17% gains this year while concerns have grown for stores like Walmart who face a possible assault from delivery behemoth...

Forget NYC: Amazon Should Invest HQ2 Money in Rural Georgia

amazon stock, AMZN

The small town of Toomsboro, Georgia has been on sale for a while now and is attracting some attention after an article noted that its $1.7 million list price was comparable to the cost of a single-family home in California’s San Francisco Bay area. Given that Amazon shelved its plans for the other half of HQ2 after being kicked out of New York City, Jeff Bezos and company should take the...

Apple Needs to Buy a Hollywood Studio to Compete with Netflix and Amazon


In the face of declining iPhone sales, Apple has repeatedly hinted that it will be relying more and more on services for future revenue growth. But to beat Netflix and Amazon in video streaming, it will have to acquire a Hollywood studio, according to an analyst at investment giant Wedbush. While Apple could still continue to develop content on its own, purchasing a video production studio that...

Tesla Will Be the Next Amazon – Unless it Gets Acquired by Apple First

tesla, tron, crypto

Tesla will be the next Amazon. Moreover, its stock price will rocket 1,200% over the next five years to top $4,000 a share. That’s the exuberant prediction of TSLA shareholder Cathie Wood, the CEO of ARK Invest. Wood says the business community is often puzzled by the mercurial personality of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but she says that should not be an issue. Wood says it’s just a matter...

Amazon’s Flailing China Unit Plots Major Merger to Challenge Alibaba

amazon china alibaba

Talks are underway to merge Amazon’s Chinese venture with NetEase-owned Kaola, according to business publication Caijing. Kaola is a Chinese e-commerce firm which specializes in selling imports. The business publication added that an agreement had been inked late last year amidst difficult negotiations. NetEase is listed on the Nasdaq and boasts a market cap of slightly over $30 billion...

Is Walmart the Next Retail Dinosaur to Fail with Amazon’s Dominance of Deliveries?


The news of a terminated partnership between delivery startup Deliv and Walmart could potentially be the canary in the coalmine signaling an impending power shift away from Walmart and toward Amazon in the American retail market. To those in the know, a clandestine but very real war is currently underway between the two titans of American retail, with the potential to fundamentally reshape how...

Liberals Love Immigration Unless Google or Amazon Wants to Move to Their Neighborhood

amazon hq2 queens new york city

Why does the media keep reporting on Amazon, Google, and other tech giants building new offices and data centers as if their desire to expand is an affront to basic human decency? This article by Elizabeth Dwoskin at the Washington Post covers Google’s expansion into a new data center near Dallas, TX as if the author was a muckraker uncovering a dirty secret. Complete Picture or Propaganda...

Amazon Welcomes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To ‘See For Herself’ In Retort To ‘Dehumanizing’ Worker Abuse Claim

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amazon

A senior vice president at Amazon.com invited Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to tour the company’s facilities to dispel her claim that Amazon employees are subjected to “dehumanizing conditions” at work. The brouhaha erupted after Ocasio-Cortez flippantly tweeted that “Amazon workers have to urinate in bottles and work while on food stamps” in order...

Newsflash: Amazon Leads Massive $700 Million Funding Round in Tesla Competitor Rivian

rivian amazon tesla

Elon Musk and Tesla had better watch out because tech conglomerate Amazon just led a massive $700 million funding round in electric vehicle competitor Rivian. Amazon Leads Major Funding Round in EV Startup Rivian The Michigan-based Rivian has sought to carve out a segment of the burgeoning electric vehicle market by focusing its efforts on building pickup trucks and SUVs. Alongside Amazon, the...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Cringeworthy Reaction to Amazon’s HQ2 Pullout Proves How out of Touch She Really Is

alexandria ocasio-cortez bloomberg bernie sanders

U.S. House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other New York politicians just chased off 25,000 Amazon jobs that could have created salaries of at least $115,000 jobs each. Unfazed and stunningly arrogant, these politicians are taking a victory lap following their dubious success. AOC’s Cringeworthy Response To Amazon Decision CCN reported earlier today that Amazon had scrapped the spacious...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Declares Victory after Amazon Yanks HQ2 from New York

alexandria ocasio-cortez

US House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasted no time in declaring victory after Amazon backed out of a $3 billion deal that would have seen the Jeff Bezos-led tech conglomerate establish its much-coveted HQ2 in New York. Writing on Twitter, the freshman congresswoman said that the grassroots campaign to kick Amazon out of Queens had demonstrated that “anything is possible.” She said:...

Newsflash: Amazon Trashes Plans for NYC Headquarters, Caves to Pressure from Ocasio-Cortez

amazon hq2 alexandria ocasio-cortez

Caving to pressure form local politicians and special interest groups, tech conglomerate Amazon has trashed a plan to build a new corporate headquarters in New York City. Amazon Caves to Pressure from Ocasio-Cortez, other Lawmakers The spacious Amazon campus in Long Island City, Queens would have created more than 25,000 well-paying jobs. However, lawmakers balked at the nearly $3 billion in New...

Watch: Facebook Alum. Sean Parker Bashes Amazon, Warns Echo is Spying on Every Word You Say

sean parker facebook amazon

Facebook founding president Sean Parker wants you to know that Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo devices are listening to every word you say and may be filing away your private conversations for future use. Ex-Facebook Executive Sean Parker Bashes Amazon Over Privacy Parker, who also founded the now-shuttered Napster, revved up the conversation about how personal assistant devices like Amazon’s...

Why Amazon is on the Verge of Absolutely Upending These 4 Markets Worth $220 Billion

amazon jeff bezos

There be no shelter from Amazon. The retail titan is rapidly expanding in so many directions that its front lines of competition are everywhere. Amazon is currently sending shockwaves through four different markets totaling $220 billion in value. Two of them are underway, one is a threat, and one is an opportunity. The fourth is a literal game-changing move, given that Amazon is making bold...

Amazon Stock Falls after Jeff Bezos ‘Exposes Pecker’, Do Investors Need to Worry?

amazon stock price jeff bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced his divorce on January 5. In the days following his announcement, revelations of a potentially ongoing affair with Lauren Sanchez rocked the world. Amazon Stock Down 5% Since Divorce Announcement Late yesterday, it was revealed that the National Enquirer attempted to extort Jeff Bezos in relation to some naked pictures of himself. There are concerns that a...

Saudia Arabia Tried to Pants Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. He Pantsed them First.

jeff bezos amazon national enquirer david pecker

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that what the National Enquirer did to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is far more embarrassing than violating the 7th Commandment — or having a penis in the first place. Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Exposes [David] Pecker Bezos says the National Enquirer threatened to publish his “d*ck pick” if he didn’t issue a public statement...

Jeff Bezos vs National Enquirer: A ‘Government Entity’ May Have Leaked Raunchy Messages

Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump, National Enquirer

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ security consultant for two decades, Gavin de Becker, has formed the opinion that the publication of personal details pertaining to Bezos’ extra-marital affair by The National Enquirer may have been politically motivated. Speaking to MSNBC, Washington Post features writer Manuel Roig-Franzia revealed that de Becker and his team had concluded that Bezos’s phone was not...

Jeff Bezos Publishes Shocking Blackmail Letter National Enquirer Publisher Allegedly Sent Him Over ‘Pecker’ Pics

Jeff Bezos, Amazon,

Jeff Bezos blasted the National Enquirer, and its owner, David Pecker, in a shocking Medium post Thursday for attempting to blackmail the Amazon CEO and founder with a threat to publish his “d*ck pick [sic]” and nine other salacious photos obtained by the Enquirer. Here’s the full text of the extortion email Jeff Bezos says his office received from Dylan Howard, the Editor in...

Amazon Shoppers Don’t Want Jeff Bezos to Build a Bitcoin Exchange

bitcoin amazon

A recent survey of Amazon users by Investing.com finds that just 13% of online shoppers would be comfortable buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the e-commerce giant. About the same percentage of people would be comfortable buying prescription drugs and medical marijuana from Jeff Bezos and company. Comparatively, about 73% of people show interest in purchasing an Amazon-branded...

Dow, Bitcoin Cautiously Advance into February Following Stock Market’s Best January in Decades

dow jones us stock market bitcoin

Neither the Dow nor the bitcoin price looked keen on making a bold entry into February early Friday morning, as both the US stock market and cryptocurrency sector reflected on their uneven performances in January. However, positive economic data has begun to help the Dow turn a corner. Dow Eyes Higher Opening on Bullish Jobs Numbers As of 8:49 am ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures had...

IBM Smashes Analyst Estimates, But Can it Catch Cloud Rivals Amazon & Google?

ibm stock share price cloud blockchain

By CCN.com: Remember when IBM was the technology trailblazer? It seemed every innovation out of Big Blue took off, leaving any other company that dared to compete in the dust. Well, the tables have turned. No longer is IBM the standout in the technology space, and one of the reasons relates to the strides being made in cloud services. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have found their grooves in this...

Netflix and Amazon Shares Have Peaked, ‘Purgatory’ Next: Investment Advisor

Netflix, Amazon

By CCN.com: Stock market analysts believe that the recent stock market rally which boosted prices of certain tech stocks will be short-lived, with Netflix and Amazon singled out as potentially heading for a “purgatory period”. Writing in a recent blog post, Smead Capital CEO, William Smead says that Amazon and Netflix investors may have seen the best of these two stocks, with only a...

Jeff Bezos Still in the Game: Blue Origin and Amazon Shares Fly

Jeff Bezos, Amazon,

By CCN.com: You might think after all the press attention over his divorce, Jeff Bezos might be looking for a quieter 2019. Not so, he’s been spotted stepping out with his mistress Lauren Sanchez. And, with so many big buck projects on the go, it’s not like he’s going to be able to hide away. Though some were concerned that the Bezos divorce could hit Amazon shareholders too, Amazon stocks are up...

Prime Problems: Amazon is Losing its 2-Day Shipping Dominance, Will It Matter?

Amazon, Prime, Amazon Prime

By CCN.com: Amazon Prime memberships are over 100 million in the US alone. According to the third quarter revenue call, the company is aggressively expanding Prime to Canada, Mexico, and China. Amazon Prime means multiple things: faster shipping of products bought on Amazon, access to video-on-demand, and some other benefits. The primary driver for Amazon Prime membership is free, lightning-fast...

Amazon Shareholders: Stop Selling Facial Recognition to Governments

amazon bitcoin

A group of Amazon shareholders, organized by a non-profit called Open Mic, are demanding that Amazon cease sales of its Rekognition software to government agencies. Open Mic bills itself as “a non-profit that fosters shareholder engagement at leading tech and media companies.” The facial recognition suite has been proven in independent tests to be inaccurate, especially when it comes to...

Is Apple Dying? Long Live FANG: Technology Stocks Rally Without Apple


The big technology stocks of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (FANG) have all rallied the past month. But not Apple which is seeing a near 7% decline over the period. It looks like FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) could be dead. FANG Stocks Rally Over the last month, Facebook shares are up 3%, Google nearly 5%, Amazon 9% and Netflix is surging with a 33%. Analysts are...

Amazon and Walmart Stock in Danger? India Tightens E-Commerce Rules

amazon amzn stock share price

Last month, India implemented new regulations for foreign e-commerce firms including Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart, placing pressure on the two conglomerates. According to Mukesh Aghi, the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum president, the abrupt change in e-commerce regulations can pose a severely negative impact on the growth of U.S. companies in India. Are Amazon and Walmart Fine...

“Jeff Bozo”: Trump Seizes Long Awaited Opportunity To Blast Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos


U.S. President Donald Trump has launched a broadside at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, describing him as “Jeff Bozo” in a tweet posted late Sunday night. Referencing the ongoing coverage of Bezos’ divorce, Trump sarcastically offered his sympathy to Bezos for being taken down by a rival publication. The tweet marks the latest in a long series of Twitter attacks by Trump on Bezos, whose...

Why Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Could be Bullish for Amazon Shares

jeff bezos divorce amazon

News of Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie Bezos divorcing sparked questions about how the split could affect the world’s most valuable company’s stock. While there were questions, there wasn’t panic. Investors are in wait-and-see mode. The news, which came Wednesday via a tweet from Jeff Bezos, barely moved Amazon’s share price. It closed Friday at $1,640.56. What’s at Risk for Jeff...

Wall Street Strategist Tom Lee Predicts S&P Rally in 2019

tom lee

Wall Street strategist Tom Lee, believes the massive sell-off in equities recorded in the U.S. financial markets within the fourth quarter of 2018 is nothing more than a “mid-life” crisis laying the groundwork for even larger gains in the financial market. Speaking in an interview with CNBC’s Fast Money: Half Time Report, Lee noted that U.S. stocks are well on the way for double-digit...

What Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Means for Amazon Investors

amazon founder jeff bezos divorce

As CCN has reported, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are officially divorcing. Whether or not the divorce is the result of a months-long affair with Lauren Sanchez has not been confirmed. What we do know is that unless they change their minds, Amazon shareholders have cause for concern. MacKenzie Bezos Likely to Have Restrictions on AMZN Holdings According to Business Insider, the assets will most...

Amazon Developing New Game Streaming Service to Compete with Microsoft and Google


Not to be outdone by its FAANG and other technology rivals, it appears Amazon has been secretly developing a game streaming service. It looks set to compete with Microsoft and Google with instant video games housed on powerful servers. Cloud-based gaming, which will negate the need for downloads or game cards, could be one of the next major advances for the gaming industry. Google and Microsoft...

Jeff Bezos’ Affair With Married Lauren Sanchez Puts World’s Largest Fortune At Risk


In an earlier report about the Bezos divorce, CCN wondered if Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie had used a prenuptial agreement when they were married in 1993. Perhaps unfortunately for Jeff, they did not, TMZ reports. Was Jeff Bezos Cheating? Reportedly, Jeff Bezos has been officially carrying on a relationship with married Lauren Sanchez for some time. Readers may remember Lauren Sanchez from...

How Much Will Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Cost the World’s Richest Man?


Update 4/4: MacKenzie Bezos revealed in a Twitter post that following a divorce settlement, Jeff Bezos would retain a staggering 75% of the couple’s Amazon stock, along with all of her interests in the Washington Post and Blue Origin. pic.twitter.com/OJWn3OOLS6 — MacKenzie Bezos (@mackenziebezos) April 4, 2019 MacKenzie Bezos wrote: “Grateful to have finished the process of...