French Bitcoin Startup ACINQ Raises $1.7 Million to Grow the Lightning Network

bitcoin lightning network acinq

French bitcoin startup ACINQ has closed $1.7 million in seed funding to aid its development of the tools and services necessary to help the Lightning Network (LN) experience mass adoption. Lightning Network Developer Closes Seed Round According to the announcement, the Series Seed round was led by venture capital firm Serena, with participation from Bertrand Diard, Sébastien Lucas, bitcoin trader...

Blockstream’s Lightning Network Implementation Enters Beta, Includes TOR Support

Lightning Network

The 0.6 release of Blockstream’s scalability solution for Bitcoin, c-lightning, has been released. With this Lightning Network implementation, which is written in the C programming language, the client has moved to a new architecture that enhances its adaptability in meeting specific needs and infrastructure. "This complete rewrite of the previous implementation is the first fully specification...

Lightning Network Wallet Eclair Now Available on Mobile

lightning network

Bitcoin users can now access the Lightning Network (LN) through their mobile devices, thanks to a new release from French cryptocurrency startup ACINQ. On Wednesday, the Paris-based developer released the first mainnet version of Eclair Wallet, a mobile Lightning wallet compatible with Android devices versions 5.0 and up. The app is the first mobile wallet to add LN support, a key development...

Bitfury Lightning Network Algorithm 'Flare' Addresses Bitcoin Scaling Challenge

BitFury Flare Lightning Network Bitcoin Scaling

ACINQ, a French startup that develops bitcoin products, successfully tested the Bitfury Group’s payment routing solution called Flare on the Lightning Network, according to an ACINQ press release. The test bodes well for addressing the bitcoin scaling challenge. Bitfury Group’s white paper in July 2016 described the specifications for an algorithm to spur additional academic progress. ACINQ used...

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