Brexit Be Damned! China Swoops in to Globalize London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

Even as UK’s clamor to sever ties with the European Union reaches fever pitch, a Hong Kong exchange operator whose main business comes from Mainland China has swooped in to take over a key British institution in a deal that smacks of globalization, a term that does not endear itself well to proponents of Brexit. While announcing the intention by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)...

Bimain’s IPO Application in Doubt as Hong Kong Calls Crypto Industry 'Immature'

bitmain bitcoin mining crypto

Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining equipment, is experiencing something of a rough patch, as Hong Kong's stock market overseers might be reluctant to approve the initial public offering (IPO) application of the company, given their stated concerns about the lack of a proper regulatory framework that can govern the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Per a report from the...

Bitcoin Mining Firm Canaan Slashes IPO Target -- and May Not Go Public Anytime Soon

bitcoin mining

Canaan, one of the world’s largest bitcoin mining firms, may be having second thoughts about its plan to go public in one of the cryptocurrency industry’s highest-grossing initial public offerings (IPO) to date. Chinese Bitcoin Mining Firm Delays IPO The Hangzhou-based Canaan had been one of at least three Chinese bitcoin mining firms planning to go public on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong...

Hong Kong Exchange Prepares for Blockchain Trading Platform

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has joined forces with Digital Asset to develop a blockchain platform for post-trade allocation and processing of trades. This alliance was created under the Stock Connect programme with China, based on a FinExtra report. HKEX had been working on a prototype system for Stock Connect using Digital Asset's platform and smart contract modeling, as it...

Australia First, Hong Kong Next? World’s 6th Largest Stock Exchange Eyes Blockchain

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) is tapping into the expertise of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in implementing blockchain technology for core processes. After two years of rigorous testing, the Australian Securities Exchange became the world’s first major exchange operator to turn to blockchain technology for its post-trade settlement process, a core feature, in December. The...