Hillary Clinton’s 2020 Odds Trump 40% of Democrats in Debate Tonight

hillary clinton's 2020 odds are better than 40% of candidates in tonight's Democratic primary debate.

Democratic primary season continues to plod along, and the Democratic National Committee (with help from the broadcast networks) is doing its part to whittle the historically-large field down to a more palatable size. Tonight, ten Democrats will participate in the ABC News debate, down from 26 candidates who entered the primary with Oval Office ambitions. … Read more

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Insane May Salary: $3,028 Per Hour

bill de blasio salary

You might not know it, but New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is (still) running for president. And according to an eyebrow-raising report in the New York Post, his City Hall office has become notoriously vacant since he launched his ill-fated campaign earlier this year. Bill De Blasio Spent Just 7 Hours at the … Read more