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Trump Basks in Jobs Growth, Leaving Clueless Dems Nearly Unhinged

Donald Trump

By CCN: By now you’ve likely heard that the U.S. economy added a stellar 236,000 jobs in April. Hourly earnings ticked higher, and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%. The last time it was this low was a few months after the U.S. put a man on the moon! The launch of Apollo 11 was in 1969. The April report puts another feather in the cap of President Donald Trump who must be given credit, like him...

How a Media Pundit's Misguided Advice to Joe Biden Will Backfire

Joe Biden

By CCN: Joe Biden is depicted as the Democrats' latest 'Great White Hope' for defeating President Trump in 2020. However, the reasons he’s being championed by one media pundit are the exact reasons why he doesn’t stand a chance. The former vice president has been stumbling about trying to recover from clumsy missteps that accompanied his presidential run announcement. He excited some, including...

Joe Biden's Foolproof 2020 Strategy Is to Avoid His Former Boss

joe biden, barack obama

By CCN: Joe Biden has just announced his presidential bid for 2020 and he’s already off to a controversial start. Biden served as VP for eight years under President Barack Obama. Surprisingly, Biden has requested that the former commander-in-chief not endorse his presidential race, stating that “whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits.” Thank you to the women of @TheView...

Elizabeth Warren's Bombastic Rhetoric Smacks of Grandstanding

Elizabeth Warren, 2020 presidential elections

By CCN: 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is at it again. Just a few weeks after flying the kite of slavery reparations in an effort to pander to African American voters, the Massachusetts senator has come out swinging. First, she called for the House to commence impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Now she's proposed a student loan forgiveness plan that would wipe...

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