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Dem Hopeful Andrew Yang Slams Amazon in Viral Maher Clip

andrew yang, amazon, bill maher

By CCN Markets: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang appeared on the Bill Maher show over the weekend. He discussed his Universal Basic Income (UBI) plan in detail, suggesting that big tech companies including Amazon could foot the bill. The clip is taking off, with more than 300,000 YouTube views already: Yang has been promoting giving Americans money by taxing big tech companies. With...

Bernie Sanders Picks a Fight with Trump in an Attempt to Stay Relevant

Bernie Sanders

By CCN: Is Bernie Sanders fighting a losing battle? The Vermont Senator entered the 2020 presidential race in February, marking his second attempt at attaining White House glory. For more than a month, the 77-year-old Democratic socialist appeared to be leading the race for his party’s nomination… That is until Joe Biden announced his campaign for the presidency only weeks ago. Now, it seems...

Facebook Founding Member Echoes Elizabeth Warren in Breakup Plea

Facebook, Elizabeth Warren

By CCN: Those calling for the breakup of Facebook got some support from an unexpected player. Chris Hughes, the co-founder of the social media platform, expressed views in line with presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren. In an opinion piece published Thursday by The New York Times, Chris Hughes charged that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has "unchecked power." He wrote that the Facebook CEO's influence...

Wall Street Bond King on Democrats' 2020 Hopefuls: 'Short Them All'

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O'Rourke

By CCN: Jeffrey Gundlach, who in addition to being the CEO of DoubleLineCapital is known as the Bond King, is famous for his strong opinions. A vocal critic of politicians on both sides of the aisle, the hedge fund boss aimed at the Democratic candidates for the 2020 election in a blistering attack during the Sohn Investment Conference. He wants to "short them all." Three months ago the Fed...

Bernie Sanders' Wall St. Tax to Fund College Tuition Would Kill Economy

Bernie Sanders

By CCN: Bernie Sanders is looking to spread good cheer throughout the U.S. He is offering up another idea that would allegedly alleviate millions of residents of their crippling student loans. Unfortunately, the White House hopeful has been slow in explaining how he plans to fund it. In a recent tweet, Sanders expresses his disappointment regarding student debt, saying that tuition-free college...

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