TaaS Capital Fund — Secure, Transparent, and Efficient Investment Vehicle Dedicated to Blockchain Wealth Management

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June 14th, 2018 — TaaS Capital Fund (TCF), Luxembourg — Investment fund dedicated to blockchain wealth management is now open for new subscriptions. TCF provides professional investors with a wide range of wealth management services, including active portfolio management, hedging instruments, broadened investment latitude, multiple trading techniques, arbitrage and algorithmic trading.

TaaS Capital Fund aims at lifting technical, legal and other barriers that prevent institutional and retail stakeholders from capitalizing on distributed ledger technology (DLT) markets: immature infrastructure for market entry, lack of transparency in funds management, high volatility, lack of reliable market data, technical and regulatory obstacles.

Ruslan Gavrilyuk, President of TCF stated: “Established by an international team of experienced traders and investment professionals, TaaS Capital Fund is opening subscriptions to provide a secure, transparent and efficient gateway to institutional and individual investors seeking to diversify into the DLT markets.”

TCF expands on the success of Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), which demonstrated an outstanding 780% asset growth within just 12 months of operations, outperforming both the Bitcoin and Bitcoin/Ethereum benchmarks. During May 2017 – April 2018 TaaS executed over 50,000 trades and effectively participated in 35 token sales carefully selected out of over 1,000 screened projects. The total capital gains of TaaS exceeded 32.5 million USD(T) equivalent, and over 16 million USD(T) were distributed to TAAS token owners.

TCF utilizes in-house comprehensive due diligence standards, deal origination and deep market expertise to focus on (i) spot trading of tokens and tokenized securities with risk-optimized, value-oriented strategies, (ii) algorithmic/arbitrage trading by utilizing market mispricings and inefficiencies, (iii) investing in DLT assets with high network growth and solid game theory mechanics, (iv) early-stage investments in DLT equities and tokenized securities, (v) swift response to shifts in market fundamentals, and dynamic monitoring and evaluation of the market risks, challenges and opportunities, and (vi) smart portfolio rebalancing into a set of 10 to 50 assets carefully selected out of over 100 fundamental assets.

TCF is the first fund monitored by GPMG, a blockchain investment platform based in Luxembourg. The General Partnership provides a plug and play structure that holds different funds such as TCF. Each fund initially comes as a Special Limited Partnership (SLP) and exclusively invests in crypto and blockchain. The promoter of the SLP fixes all terms and conditions such as liquidity, asset allocation and type of investors. GPMG monitors every aspect of the whole structure and makes sure it is properly governed through dedicated departments: administrative, audit, legal, risk management, NAV, accounting, KYC & AML, cybersecurity, portfolio valuation, transaction process and regulatory compliance.

TaaS Capital Fund offers subscriptions in distributing and accumulating share classes, in fiat currencies, as well as digital assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum), with a minimum investment amount set at EUR 100,000 equivalent. Potential stakeholders will go through KYC/AML compliance before investing assets into TaaS Capital Fund.


89E, Parc d’Activités,

L-8308 Capellen,

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Website: https://taas.capital/  

Telegram: https://t.me/TaaSCapitalFund

Email: [email protected]