SyncCoin ClubI chose SyncCoin as today’s Random Coin of the Day for it’s classy membership club features. SyncCoin features everything from airline miles to holiday getaway discounts and their¬†charitable initiative, Sync Kids. You can get discounts with their phone apps, benefits for being a whale, and even see their Vegas show. In their words, “Sync was designed to be more ‘club,’ than currency.”


SyncCoin Exclusive Interview

I conducted an interview with Mike from SyncFund. Mike Fiol is the co-founder of Sync.

Market Cap: $600,000
Maximum coins issued: 10,000 POS (current circulation 1,100)
Hash algorithm: Scrypt, x11
PoW or PoS: POS
Is it able to be mined: Yes via staking.
Exchanges: Cryptsy, Mintpal, Poloniex, Bittrex
Block explorer: CryptoID
Launch date: May 2014

What is the coin’s purpose?

Sync was designed to be more ‘club’ than currency. Its purpose is to redefine value, stability, valuation, integrity and growth in crypto.

What problem does it solve?

Depends on the problem. If you need airline miles, [we’ve] got you covered. Need discounts everywhere you go? Then the Club app is the solution. Need a rewards program? Or a coin that is backed by tangible value?

In the end, the main problem it solves is a lack of credibility, stability and backing. People are sick of scams. There are over $1m in assets behind Sync and growing – on top of the Stability Fund, which currently holds 10% of all Sync in circulation. No other coin can claim that so in fact; Sync is a safe-haven.

Who are the developers?

We run and manage the Sync Foundation, an open collective of holders, developers, investors, Sync Whales and more. Main person behind the Foundation is Mike Fiol, a highly respected and successful member of both the crypto-currency and domain name communities.

What are the coin’s future endeavors and how do they plan on achieving those goals?

Sync Rewards, Sync Club, Vegas show, more assets, domain sales and much more. People can learn all about on our site at, but I can tell you that revenue streams are a big target for us.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your coin?

Sync is new, fresh and exciting – the coolest and safest club in crypto. Sync is asset backing and profit-sharing, convertible airline miles and worldwide discounts. Sync is the Stability Fund, Sync Whales, Vegas and our charitable arm, Sync Kids.

Sync is also verified by the Coinssource Trust Index, has been audited by an independent law firm and has a highly credible and successful leader at the helm.

Sync is also very rare, and our programs are shrinking the available supply daily – so you better not wait.

What are your thoughts on SyncCoin? Have you enjoyed any of their benefits yet? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or discussing this in the CCN forums.

Disclaimer: I do not own any SyncCoin, and I’m not affiliated with SyncCoin in any way.

Photo Credits: The SyncCoin logo was used with permission of SyncCoin, and the background scene is courtesy of Pixabay. Featured image by Shutterstock.