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Super Mario Maker 2 Just Got Infinitely More Exciting

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
  • Super Mario Maker 2’s latest update adds the ability to string levels together into worlds.
  • If you thought levels were hard before, wait until loads of the most difficult ones are all strung together.
  • This game just got ridiculously more brutal – and infinitely more exciting.

Super Mario Maker 2 was always an ingenious concept for a game. It’s basically all the 2D Mario games rolled into one – with the added benefit that you can build your own levels and upload them to the internet. The game is infamous for offering some of the hardest user-generated challenges of any platformer.

The latest update adds a bunch of new level items, including the frog suit from Super Mario Bros 3 . But the most important addition is the ability to string levels together into a world map.

Get ready for some unbelievably brutal Mario worlds.

Super Mario Maker 2 - Evil Levels
Super Mario Maker 2 is already filled with levels like this. Just wait until they are strung together into worlds. | Source: The Z7 via YouTube 

Super Mario Maker 2 Worlds Will Introduce Us to New Levels of Hell

The typical Super Mario Maker 2 user-generated level is non-stop insanity. As soon as folks get their hands on course creation software, they invariably compete to make the most challenging levels possible.

We’ve already seen levels featuring infinite Bowsers,  levels made primarily out of lava , and of course, the endless levels that prevent you from actually finishing them.

Now imagine being able to create entire worlds filled with all kinds of the evilest level designs.

It’s one thing to try and take on one super hard Mario level, but an entire world filled with them? I can’t wait to gawk at the inevitable YouTube compilations of streamers losing their minds.

PSA: You Can Make Normal Worlds Too

While sadistic levels attract the most attention, Super Mario Maker 2 players have invented some stunningly creative courses too.

From musical courses to roller coasters filled with fantastic set pieces, there are plenty of options for players who don’t have a masochistic impulse.

Expect these creators to construct some jaw-dropping worlds with these new features. Music courses can be compiled into worlds that represent entire musical albums. There could even be entire new Mario games made in the different classical styles.

This is the real reason that this world-building update to Super Mario Maker 2 is so transformative. It opens up a virtually endless number of possibilities.

Allowing players to design their own world maps is the closest many people will get to creating their own Mario fan games . I’m thrilled to see what the community comes up with.