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Sugar Exchange Positions Itself to Lead the Crypto Exchange World. Announcing an Updated Token Allocation and New Vesting Schedule

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Sugar Exchange announced today that, effective immediately, the total circulating supply of Sugar Tokens (SGR) is 13,750,000.  Additionally, Sugar Exchange plans to finalize a contract within the next two weeks that will shelter 33,000,000 SGR tokens for a period of six months.  These 33,000,000 tokens (of the 80,000,000 in total supply) will contractually remain out of the circulating supply during this lock-up period.  Sugar Exchange also revised its token allocation:

15,000,000 – Company (18.75% of total SGR supply)

20,000,000 – Team (25%)

5,000,000 Advisors (6.25%)

20,000,000 – Founders (25%)

6,750,000 – Airdrops (8.44%)

8,250,000 – Marketing and Exchanges (10.31%)

5,000,000 – Partners (6.25%)

About Sugar Exchange:

Sugar Exchange is developing a cryptocurrency trading platform scheduled to launch in 2018. Our design will provide a customizable, tailor-made trading platform meant to optimize the trading experience for all skill levels.  For novice users, our exchange will bring simplicity to a complex ecosystem and allow users to confidently participate in the booming crypto market.  For veteran traders who value speed, advanced trading capabilities, innovative features, and a customized user experience, our exchange will provide market leading security and exclusive cutting edge features. Sugar Exchange’s utility token (SGR) will be used for reduced trading fees and to fuel additional exchange features; which include:

Accounting – A simple click deploys secondary software that reports comprehensive transactional history and accounting data. The software is only deployed with the user’s consent and all data is confidential

AITrade Recommendations – Provides enhanced recommendations using big data analytics to identify critical indicators on current market trends

Desktop Multi-Wallet Integration – Users can link their online exchange profile to their desktop multi-wallet, allowing them to quickly move any cryptocurrency from Sugar Exchange to a desktop wallet

Trading Bots – Sugar smart tokens will perform autonomous buying and selling for users based on customizable specifications

Video Tutorials – Regardless of experience level, users will have access to free video tutorials to assist in trading with ease and accessibility

Sugar Exchange tokens (SGR) are available now on and

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