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Storm Area 51 From the Safety of Your Living Room

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:51 PM
Ryan Smith
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:51 PM

Let’s face it: As much as we’d love to “see them aliens,” most of us don’t have the time to travel all the way to Nevada – or the desire to become unwitting test subjects when the Air Force unleashes its prototype weapons based on secret alien technology. Thankfully, a new video game allows you to “Storm Area 51” from the safety of your living room.

Introducing Storm Area 51 , a “hyper-realistic” stealth game that gives sci-fi gamers what they’ve always dreamed of: the chance to bum-rush a military base with no weapons in search of cute miniature aliens.

Your mission, should you choose it intrepid explorer, is to meet at the spawn point with 2 million other potential gamers  and figure out why the heck you came along. The good news is that if anyone does decide to show up, you’ll have plenty in the way of meat shields to defend yourself.

Ok, the game doesn’t actually have a multiplayer mode yet – but it really should. Even the developer punts that as a legitimate strategy:

“…avoid the guards using classic stealth mechanics, locate the captured aliens and escort them to their mothership! Utilise the other runners as human cover or provide the ultimate sacrifice so that others might succeed!”

If there ever was a cause worth dying for, this must surely be it.

Storm Area 51: Probably Just Like in Real Life

Now that you’ve all assembled, it’s time to go. No time like the present, they say. However, for some strange reason, the strongest military in the world left their front gate open, so getting into this high-tech facility shouldn’t be too hard.

Storm Area 51
This doesn’t look like the meeting point we agreed upon on Facebook, but I guess it’ll have to do. | Source: Steam

Mind you, you’ll still have to dodge the most highly-trained guards on the planet. And they do have guns. Thankfully, the aliens are located in the alleyways next to the buildings and not in level-five clearance facilities. Who knew?

Storm Area 51 is obviously still in early access. That’s to be expected, but the “mostly negative” reviews suggest that the game leaves something to be desired.

Even so, I think you’d have to agree that $8.99 is a small price to pay to get killed by the Air Force without leaving the comfort of your ergonomic gaming chair.