Storiqa Is Using Blockchain to Disrupt E-Commerce Industry

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E-commerce has drastically changed in the past decade and it will continue to evolve in the years to come. Blockchain technology will play a vital role to shape this industry for future.

The number of online shoppers will grow from 1.46 billion in 2015 to 2 billion in 2020. With the rise of consumers, number of businesses will also increase.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a self employed entrepreneur or small scale manufacturer, if you want to increase revenues and reach more customers, an online store is the way to go.

Storiqa helps any business build an online marketplace of their own by using smart contracts and enabling payments in various cryptocurrencies.

What are the key benefits?

There are many e-marketplace constructor solutions out there with a ready-to-use interface and cutting edge e-commerce technology, but they require constant support from the platform.

Not many solutions offer their clients a full and comprehensive combination of e-commerce services – such as smart contracts, cryptocurrency payments, integration with third-party services and 24/7 support – all at once.

Storiqa’s platform is designed in such a way that anyone can create an online store in 10 minutes, and also make good use of the most advanced technologies in the e-commerce industry.

Furthermore, Storiqa’s marketplace is translated into 6 languages, which allows businesses to tap into foreign markets. It also features a selection of tools for direct customer feedback, bookkeeping and sales analysis, as well as advertising and promotion — on top of a convenient and user-friendly interface.

Why should you go for Storiqa?

Storiqa seems to have done their work so far as the e-commerce industry is concerned. Currently, payments create a lot of hassle for both buyers and sellers, mainly due to less transparency, involvement of intermediaries and high fees.

Storiqa’s platform processes the payments directly, without middlemen, using any currency of your choice set against the cryptocurrency price determined by the seller. The integrated smart contracts make transactions extremely fast and secure.

The smart contract ensures that the money goes to the seller when and only when the buyer confirms the delivery. So, the buyer makes the payment once their order arrives which makes it more convenient for both parties and increases trustworthiness.

Storiqa also allows businesses to collect data on consumers. It offers the required mechanisms to track customers’ activity in a simple and elegant way. It’s integrated telephony service ensures receive feedback calls from clients. The facility to playback the recorded calls can help you monitor call manager’s performance and collect instant feedback.

Storiqa also helps its clients to acquire more customers through the integration with the largest partner networks and by offering a wide variety of tools to track a customer’s experience in order to make every store client-oriented.

To top it off, Storiqa’s legal team is based out of Switzerland and conforms to the laws of Switzerland. It also enjoys the benefits of the friendly legal conditions provided in the country.

Storiqa’s ICO

You can become a member of the ICO campaign by purchasing the STQ tokens. If you purchase the tokens during the early ICO stages, it will make you eligible for more profits and bonuses at the end of the campaign.

The fixed cost of a single STQ token is 0.00001 ETH. You can easily make the purchase by transferring ETH into Storiqa’s designated smart contract address. For some reason tokens can’t be purchased from the United States of America.

ICO’s date and time is yet to be decided.

For more information on their bonus system and distribution algorithm please visit and read the white paper.