Stefan Molyneux is a philospher, author, and Bitcoin advocate from Canada.  He hosts Freedomain Radio, a series of online broadcasts which comment on topics ranging from libertarianism, ethics, political philosophy, and most recently Digital Currencies such as Bitcoin.  More recently, Stefan Molyneux is also a cancer survivor, having successfully fended off lymphoma in 2013.  In recent years, Molyneux has been speaking increasingly more on Bitcoin as it is at the bleeding edge of the intersection of many of his interests.  For much of his online career, Stefan Molyneux has faced backlash from many sources regarding his controversial paradigms.  However, nothing prior to today had ever caused blatant censorship.  The straw that broke the camel’s back… The grain of rice that tipped the scale… It was Stefan Molyneux’s recent speech: Money, Power, and Politics: The Cryptocurrency Revolution.


[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]reedomain Radio started in 2005 as a podcast in the burgeoning days of the iPod.  He had since moved his operations primarily to a now censored and banned Youtube channel.  Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio Youtube channel had over 25 million channel views and over 130,000 subscribers.  Molyneux has interviewed prominent public figures such as Noam Chomsky, and has appeared on various other popular Youtube channels such as RT’s The Keiser Report and the Peter Schiff Show.

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The catalyst video first appeared on The Next Web’s Youtube Channel 3 days ago.  The link was extraordinarily well received on the Bitcoin subreddit.  The video itself is no less than Stefan Molyneux delivers at all of his speaking engagements.  However, earlier today, netizens started to realize that Youtube/Google had taken concise action against Freedomain Radio’s Google+ and Youtube accounts.  Stefan Molyneux took to twitter to ask for suggestions on how to combat this censorship.

However, Google/Youtube has yet to give any form of satisfactory reason for the sudden termination of services.  Bitcoiners around the world are gathering to show support for Stefan Molyneux via social media outlets.  Those higher up the food chain are leveraging relationships with Google execs to try and seek some real answers.  Freedomain Radio has most likely been reported as spam by various “haters” since day one.  Youtube and Google are constantly removing accounts due to violations of their strict Terms of Service, whether your account is large or small there is a threshold of complaints that might warrant immediate suspension.  The only question that remains is this: Did Stefan Molyneux’s rousing speech at TNW’s conference cause too much public backlash? Or was it another one of the 1,530 videos on the channel that was deemed ultimately inappropriate?

Either way, #StefanMolyneuxCensored is not something that should happen in our supposedly free world.  Just because there hasn’t been a satisfactory response yet, doesn’t mean that the public court of opinion can’t eventually pry one into the light.  This article will be updated as the story unfolds.

This is one of the last videos that Free Domain Radio was able to upload to their Youtube account, I sincerely suggest that you watch it in its entirety.


Here is the now dead revived link to his youtube account page, which had over a thousand videos on varying topics, but more recently mostly about Bitcoin.


Here is the now dead revived link to his Google+ account page.



Update: Both links are back, still with no explanation. Stefan Molyneux gives his take: