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TKJade Token: Building the Future of Great Barrier Reef’s Tourism Ecosystem

Last Updated April 17, 2023 3:27 AM
Last Updated April 17, 2023 3:27 AM

Being heavily affected by the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, the Great Keppel Island, one of the Great Barrier Reef’s most attractive tourist destinations is about to become a crypto tourism heaven and you have the opportunity of a lifetime to become part of and profit from its transformation – all thanks to the TKJ Platform and token.

Located in central Queensland, Australia, between the Southern Great Barrier Reef and The Keppel Group of Islands, the Great Keppel Island is one of the most exotic and secluded tourism destinations, packing over 100 different species of bird life and a diverse variety of sea life, such as sea turtles, dolphins and whales.

The Great Keppel is the biggest of all 16 islands of The Keppel Group of Islands. It is accessible by both boat and a plane, the latter of which takes on average 60 minutes, an hour and 50 minutes and two hours to get there from Brisbane, Cairns and Sydney, respectively.

A future crypto heaven

In late 2018, the Great Keppel Island was bought by WEI CHAO PRIVATE LIMITED for about $70 million and is developed by Great Keppel Island Holding (hereinafter “GKI”). GKI has entrusted CHANG JIANG JI TUAN PTE. LTD. (hereinafter “CJJT”) with retail business recruitment, licensing, and popularising the island as a crypto tourism destination.

Moreover, CJJT has carefully constructed a detailed marketing plan with which it aims to popularize the Great Keppel Island and the TKJ token – the backbone of the island’s future retail tourism operations. One such is a monthly themed community event, a task TKJade is going to announce with promotional rewards in BTC, USDT, or other stablecoins.

Having continuous market visibility expansion in mind, TKJade has currently planned to conduct four sales and promotional activities, including a KOL reward program, a free tour of the great keppel island for those who purchase over 10,000 worth of TKJ at a time, a free tour lucky draw for all registered members on the TKJade Platform, as well as a token airdrop, scheduled for both June and July, 2019.

For complete information on TKJade’s future marketing activities, please check TKJade’s Medium .

What is the TKJ platform?

Built by the Singapore-based CHANG JIANG JI TUAN PTE. LTD., a renowned professional real estate financial service company – TKJ, otherwise known as ‘Tiong Kang Jade Platform’, is a blockchain-based platform designed to help you break the high financial entry barrier to the real estate market – the world’s largest asset class.

The TKJ Platform achieves this by leveraging the immutable blockchain technology, Ethereum smart contract and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide direct, transparent, and low-cost transactions without third-party interference, blockchain-based access control and IoT integration, and smart wallet among others.

Moreover, the platform is tightly integrated with the TKJade Token, an Ethereum ERC20-based token issued by CJJT that can be obtained by any TKJ member and used for multiple purposes, including to make purchases, paying for business administrative expenses, engage in contract bidding, joining yacht clubs, and obtaining access to vacation apartments, just to name a few.

Benefits of the TKJ Platform include:

  • Peer-to-peer transaction with no third-party interference
  • Immutable and fully-transparent transaction history
  • Low-cost fund transfers
  • Fast transactions, thanks to TJK’s State Channel processing
  • Advanced and user-friendly private key management
  • Blockchain-based access control and IoT integration
  • Regular TKJ token holders promotional events and rewards

TKJ Token

The TKJ token will offer multiple ways for its users to use it, as it will be used in many projects. CJJT plans on integrating the TKJ token for use with clubs and memberships, retail and business operations, as well as advertisements and exposure, including paying for meals, hotel accommodation, scuba diving, and club membership fees, among others.

As the use for the TKJ ecosystem expands, so will demand for the TKJ token, consequently driving up its value.

IoT and Blockchain-based access control

By integrating blockchain-based with the next-generation IoT technology, the TKJ platform is capable of automatically managing access control and access records with the help of a simple RFID (radio-frequency identification) device, which you can easily wear on your hand as a wristband or ring.

After submitting transactions to the TKJ platform, the RFID device is synchronized with the blockchain and it acts as a portable wallet which you can use it to make fast and low-cost transactions. It will be mainly used by property owners and residents, staff, shops, tourists, self-employed merchandisers and ecological researchers.

By utilizing RFID technology and its State Channel, the TKJ platform offers its users a secure channel to execute a high volume of transactions while paying nearly no fees!

a diagram showing the steps in which to set up a blockchain
Source: TKJ Whitepaper

TKJade Smart Wallet

To simplify the complexity of blockchain wallets, CJJT has developed the TKJade Smart Wallet application, available for any mobile device, that will allow merchants and TKJ users to conduct transactions by simply scanning a QR code. Besides being able to pay in TKJ tokens, Smart Wallet users will also have the option to use other designated cryptocurrency or pre-pay for products and services.

Besides being a convenient method of paying and keeping track of your finances, including fiat, the TKJade Smart Wallet offers you an advanced Private Key Management solution to ensure that in case of a lost key or RFID device, you can easily obtain access of your assets.

When creating your account on TKJade smart wallet, your generated private key is divided into segments and deleted, after which each part is encrypted twice and stored on a random basis to the cloud. All you need to memorize is your password and the 6-digit “transaction security code.” After verification, the Super Admin mechanism activates to restore access to your funds.

a series of diagrams showing how to use keys
Source: TKJ Whitepaper

State Channel

To lower transaction processing time and ensure the scalability of the TKJ platform, it is developed to first process transactions and data off-chain in the state channels and then submit it to the blockchain in batches. Besides increasing transaction processing speeds, this lower their fee (gas) cost, and ensuring transaction privacy, the state channel step eliminates the need for using complicated blockchain wallets.

a diagram of the process of processing data
Source: TKJ Whitepaper

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