SOXAX Decentralized Social Partners with Coinpayments.Net to Launch SOXAX ICO

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SOXAX, the first decentralized social media platform that rewards users for content upload and activities is partnering with CoinPayments to launch their ICO.  

SOXAX is a social media company that is poised on leveraging on the disruptive features of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to birth a cutting edge social media platform by providing a decentralized social media with her own cryptocurrency built on the Proof of Social (POS) and Proof of Activity (POA) algorithm that gives absolute control back to users allowing them to earn on all their activities on the SOXAX platform.

The partnership between SOXAX and CoinPayments Is the first of its kind in the crypto-space, this is to serve as a protective measure for ICO investors, as CoinPayments would play the role of an escrow agent to hold funds and also provide over 55 Cryptocurrencies therefore allowing all CoinPayments users to participate in the ICO without limitations.

The highlight of the SOXAX social media platform is privacy and data protection.  SOXAX prides itself on giving users maximum data protection by using the end to end encryption data protection approach. Data exchanged on the SOXAX platform are encrypted and doesn’t leave the platform as plain text.

The SOXAX ICO is giving early investors the opportunity buy into the future of social media by holding the SOXAX coin which has the potential to grow. The SOXAX social media platform is projected to have over 100,000 users in its first year. Disrupting a 2.1 Billion social media industry, giving you value for your money and time.

The SOXAX Pre-ICO and ICO are slated to run as follows;

Pre-ICO starts on 16th to 18th of April 2018

ICO starts on the 23rd of April to the 23rd of May 2018.

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