South Korean based payment platform, HUPAYX, has unveiled a multi-currency wallet that provides an all-in-one payment ecosystem – transforming traditional payment infrastructure with efficient cryptocurrency utilization. 

Start-up company HUPAYX’s payment platform – the multi-currency wallet – aims to add services that users can experience anytime and anywhere. HUPAYX’s motivation is to be a faster, cheaper, independent alliance group. HUPAYX believes that partnerships are key in reflecting its potential – showcasing the trust and technological advantage it has with its competitors. 

The platform recently expanded its reach to over 400,000 retailers in South Korea with the goal of reaching one million stores by the end of this year. The anticipated start-up has gone to great lengths to create a real-time payment platform since South Korean citizens are in high demand of a platform they can use to comfortably spend crypto in stores where retailers can facilitate transactions securely. 

The multi-currency wallet is divided into two: the User Wallet (which interfaces with H-Exchange) and the Store Wallet (deposited crypto paid through H-POS). Each wallet respectively acts as an account for the buyer and seller. Once a payment is made via HUPAY, the crypto funds stored in the buyer’s User Wallet is withdrawn. Then, a settlement is made to the merchant’s Store Wallet in stablecoin.  

HUPAYX’s multi-currency wallet combines six key characteristics to provide a service that can be used effectively in e-commerce. These include blockchain, a payment system, a real economy, commercial transactions, high-quality service, and alliances. These key functions provide HUPAY users with fee-free features such as HUPAY member-to-member transfers, fast financial transfers using a mobile phone number (for both members and non-members), remittance via the HUPAY wallet and support of cryptocurrency payment in stores with QR or NFC. Users will also be able to view the transaction details for each coin spent and see a status check of the total assets in possession. 

The HUPAYX wallet is available to download on Google Play. It is simple, easy to use and ideal for both amateur and experienced cryptocurrency users – making it a great tool for everyday life. The following steps inform what to do once the HUPAYX wallet has been installed:


  • Log in with an email address and mobile phone number 
  • Even if the receiver is not a HUPAY member, crypto-assets can be easily transferred with the quick and easy method of transferring to the receiver’s phone number 
  • The receiver will then get a text message stating the funds and a download link (the funds can be collected after registration is complete)
  • To pay in crypto at merchant stores (where HUPAY supports everyday commerce) simply scan the QR payment code – with H-POS at the store – or tag any NFC supported mobile phones


The scope of HUPAYX potential is ever-growing. Its recent partnerships with LG U+ (the country’s third-largest telecom company) and KIS Information Communications (a telecommunications enterprise) has put HUPAYX on a path of success – becoming a standard across both retailers and consumers. Some of the most notable cryptocurrency exchanges reside in South Korea and there have been great strides taken that have granted the forward-thinking nation a high standard for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to become inspired and follow in its footsteps. 

For more information visit HUPAYX website or follow the social media channels on Twitter or Facebook. To download the Multi-currency wallet, visit the Play Store

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