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Sophie Turner Is a Covid-19 Goddess and Quite Frankly, We’re Here for It

Sophie Turner has hit out at Evangeline Lilly's Covid-19 comments in a live Instagram video. The Queen in the North isn't happy.

  • Sophie Turner called out celebrities on social media for not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.
  • The Game of Thrones actress appeared to take a swipe at Evangeline Lilly and Vanessa Hudgens.
  • Turner made the statement in an Instagram live video.

It’s hardly a secret that the world is not how it is supposed to be. In the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, governments are urging everyone to isolate themselves as much as possible. Some celebrities aren’t taking the advice seriously, and Sophie Turner has arrived to call them out on their BS.

In a video alongside her hubby Joe Jonas, the Game of Thrones actress appeared to be pointing the finger at Evangeline Lilly and Vanessa Hudgens. Both actresses have been flaunting their seemingly usual daily activities on social media, despite being strongly advised to stay inside.

Sophie Turner Is a Covid-19 Goddess

Although followers have roasted both Hudgens and Lilly for not doing their bit to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Turner threw in her two cents to emphasize the notion. Frankly, we’re living for it.

The Queen in the North didn’t mince her words:

Stay inside, don’t be f****** stupid, even if you count your freedom over – I don’t know, what is it – your health.

This certainly looked like a direct tackle at the “Lost” star’s blase comments.

In response to the backlash she received for dropping her kids off at gymnastics camp, Lilly dismissed the entire pandemic as overdramatic.

Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over their lives. We all make our choice. Where we are now feels a lot too close to Marshall Law (sic) for my comfort already, all in the name of a respitory flu.

Evangeline Lilly Take A Seat, Sophie Turner Is Here

At least we have Sansa Stark on the front line fighting the good fight. | Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com

When it comes to celebrities preaching at the masses to stay inside, I take it with a pinch of salt. After all, it’s a darn sight more comfortable to keep in your personal space when it’s a sprawling estate, but actively promoting “business as usual” is shameful.

“Business as usual” stopped the moment the outbreak spread across the globe. Normal – no matter what that looks like – isn’t going to be seen for a long, long, time. The longer people like Evangeline Lilly and Vanessa Hudgens keep going about their daily activities like nothing has changed, the longer the rest of us will have to wait to see our loved ones.

The truly worrying thing is that both of these actresses have massive platforms. For every comment there is tearing them down and rebuking them, another is praising them. This abuse of social status could create a worrying trend.

At least we have Sansa Stark on the front line fighting the good fight. Right now, we’ll take what we can get.

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