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SOOM Coin, the native cryptocurrency of the SOOM Ecosystem project is getting listed on IDCM (International Digital Currency Markets) on Aug 27th, 2018.

This is the first cryptocurrency exchange where SOOMCOIN will get listed. IDCM has a distinct advantage of being available in 9 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. This along with the availability of bank-grade encryption technology and use of multi-signature layered distributed storage makes it the first choice for Switzerland based SOOM Group.

Simultaneously, they are in discussions with several top 10 global exchanges and are looking forward to closing these negotiations to benefit token holders even further. The end to end user guide for creating an account and trading on IDCM can be found here:

SOOMPAY, mobile payment provider in Asia and member of SOOM Group, has been working on creating a solution which will build cohesion amongst multiple mobile payment solutions and cryptocurrencies. The update on exchange listing of their coin is a great news following the release of their digital wallet, called SOOM Wallet, on Apple store and Google Play store. They have also partnered with multiple companies in Japan, Hong-Kong and Vietnam. While some of their partners will provide the infrastructure utilized by SOOMPAY solution, several others will use the payment services on their stores to collect payments.   

4th Blockchain project is the brainchild of SOOM Tech, which is established in Singapore while governed by the SOOM Foundation, established in Switzerland. SOOM Tech is creating a Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform for enterprises willing to incorporate blockchain technology to their portfolio of services. SOOM Coin is the native currency of 4th Blockchain and will give access to the platform’s’ future services. SOOM Wallet serves as an easy-to-use and secure SOOM Coin storage device on mobile and desktop. Using all these components, SOOM Group will create an ecosystem which enables various services to be implemented in most efficient and differentiated approach. Moreover, its decentralized system is protected from potential risk elements with an enhanced security system inherent to its innovative consensus algorithms called Proof-of-Group-Stake and Proof-of-Transaction (POGS, POT).

White paper link:

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