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Sony’s PS5 Reveal Strategy During E3 Week is An Absolute Winner

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:54 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:54 PM
  • After the cancellation of E3 this year many companies have apparently spread their announcements throughout the year.
  • Sony is supposedly planning on revealing the PS5 on June 4th, around the time that E3 would have originally been ramping up.
  • This is a wise move from Sony if their previous social media success is anything to go by.

A little while ago we all had to come to terms with E3 being canceled. This has basically caused many game publishers to spread their announcements throughout the year . Apparently, this doesn’t include Sony and the PS5.

Despite not planning on attending E3 originally, Sony might be revealing the PS5 in June anyway . That is if Venture Beat reporter Jeffrey Grubb is to be believed .

If that’s the case, then Sony is probably onto a winning strategy for their next-gen reveal event.

Daniel Ahmad - E3 PS5 Reveal Tweet
Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted about how much 2020’s gaming announcements will end up being spread out. | Source: Twitter 

PS5 Reveal Is Going to Be a Massive Deal

There are plenty of people out there annoyed at the PS5 reveal strategy . While we’ve had a solid stream of info about the Xbox Series X, Sony’s machine has been kept mostly secret. It seems like Sony might be employing a ‘less is more’ strategy. It also seems to be working.

Earlier this month we got a glimpse at the PS5’s new Dual Sense controller. The controller ended up getting over 4 million likes on Instagram. That’s an insane amount of reach. With anticipation at an all-time high for PS5 news, a June reveal is going to go down a treat.

That doesn’t necessarily translate directly to success. Until we know more about the games each system will ship with there’s no way of knowing which one will come out on top. Unless you’re a hardcore fan, then I’m sure your one will win.

June Is Suddenly Not Overloaded With Gaming Info

Another reason that a June 4th PS5 reveal makes sense is that it’s now a mostly empty month. Before E3 was canceled, companies had to jostle for space. Now most companies have spread their announcements out, Sony has a lot of room to maneuver.

Not only will they be able to reveal their next-gen plans during a traditionally exciting month for gaming. But they’ll also be able to do it without being overshadowed. For fans who were pining for a ‘true E3 experience’, the PS5 reveal might be the lifeline they were hoping for.

There’s just over a month left before we find out what Sony’s next-gen machine will really do. More importantly, we’ll also learn what it looks like.

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