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Sony’s PS5 News Embargo Is a D*ck Move – It’s Also Genius

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
  • So far, Sony hasn’t revealed much information about the PS5.
  • Fans have been trawling the internet for any scraps of information that they can find.
  • Sony should really just give us something at this point, even if they can’t do the big reveal event they planned.

It’s difficult to be excited about a console we know nothing about. That’s the problem that is currently facing the PS5. While we actually know a fair amount about the Series X, Sony has been very tight-lipped about their upcoming ‘box of wonders’.

The information we do have has mostly come from patent applications . Even then, those patents are almost all for the system’s controllers, rather than the PS5 itself.

It’s no wonder that fans, and those of us in the media, are starting to grasp at straws.

PS5 - Official Website
This is the current state of the PS5 website. As barren as the Sahara. | Source: Sony 

We Really Should Know More About the PS5 by Now

At this point, it’s starting to seem strange that Sony hasn’t revealed anything yet. Pretty much everyone was convinced that some sort of special event or Livestream was going to take place in February. So far, we’ve not heard anything.

There were even people saying that the PS5 reveal date would itself be revealed back on the 27th . Again, nothing materialized on that date. Probably because it was all based on a now-deleted Reddit post . The point is, people are tired of waiting. At this stage, everyone knows that people are hungry for PS5 information.

Many have said this is marketing genius from Sony . Since people are starved of information they’re searching for it hard. When Sony does reveal the PS5 there will a ton of people already looking for it, probably getting further reach. As annoying as this tactic is, it’ll probably work too.

There May Be Other Reasons Why We Haven’t Heard Anything Yet

It’s very possible that Sony had actually planned to reveal the PS5 already. There is one big cloud hanging over the world that is crimping a lot of company’s plans: Coronavirus.

Perhaps Sony really did intend to do some sort of live event during February. But the sudden worsening of the virus might have made them pause for thought. It certainly prompted them to pull out of PAX East .

No matter what the case, Sony really should hurry up and give us something. It might be a great marketing tactic (maybe), but it’s also a bit of a dick move to keep fans waiting for so long. Especially while your competitors are being so open about their own system .