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Sony’s Deafening PS5 Silence Loudens Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Party

Microsoft will share yet more Xbox Series X details during two-day GDC replacement Game Stack Live streaming event next week.

  • Microsoft will host a two-day live stream event to replace postponed GDC panels and talks.
  • Among them is the ‘Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming.’
  • The move further illustrates how Microsoft is making all right next-gen moves, while Sony remains tight-lipped.

Although the Game Developers Conference was postponed late last month due to coronavirus concerns, Microsoft is eager not to leave developers and players in a lurch.

Yet More Xbox Series X Details

The gaming giant has announced that it will host a two-day live streaming event dubbed Game Stack Live to replace the panels scheduled initially as part of GDC.

Source: Microsoft

The event will run on March 17-18, hosted on Microsoft-owned live streaming platform, Mixer. The press release reads;

Starting at 10:00 am PT on the 17th, come learn about the latest cloud and game development technologies from Microsoft, go behind the scenes with the creators at Xbox Game Studios and the ID@Xbox program, and level up with deep technical talks and panel discussions led by industry leaders.

Among the talks scheduled is the ‘Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming.’

This specific talk airs on March 18 at 11:40 PT. The titling suggests we’ll get insights into how the Xbox Series X and Project xCloud cloud gaming cohabit. The talk should flesh out the already comparatively expansive details we already have about Microsoft’s next-gen plans.

Making All The Right Moves

All this stands in sharp contrast to Sony’s ongoing radio silence about the PlayStation 5. It further illustrates how Microsoft is leading the charge when it comes to next-gen transparency.

The PlayStation 5 is unlikely to lose out in the next-gen showdown with the Xbox Series X. The good favor garnered among players during the PlayStation 4 generation will, without a doubt, carry Sony through.

Source: Xbox Series X/Microsoft

But, Microsoft is making all the right moves. From a slew of studio acquisitions, including heavy-hitters such as Obsidian Entertainment and Ninja Theory, to the Xbox Game Pass pioneering the consumer-friendly subscription service model, Microsoft’s pro-active approach is impressive.

The March 18 panel will be yet another example of Microsoft regaling us with Xbox Series X news.

As for the PlayStation 5, leaks from dubious sources and growing growing impatience are, for better or for worse, steering the narrative ahead of a reveal event. When Sony deems it right to lift the curtain on the PlayStation 5 remains the biggest unanswered question in gaming right now.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:38 PM

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