The next-generation of consoles is certain to carry-on the unending conflict between Xbox and PlayStation fanboys. | Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

Sony, Xbox Chiefs Show PS5 and Series X Fanboys How to Behave

  • Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida and Xbox boss Phil Spencer have a friendly exchange on Twitter.
  • Yoshida praised Xbox for its Inside Xbox stream and Spencer wished the PlayStation team good health.
  • The two men could show PS5 and Xbox Series X fanboys how to behave on social media.

Gamers got a lovely surprise today when Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida and Xbox boss Phil Spencer had a conversation on Twitter. After Spencer tweeted in Japanese to announce the launch of Xbox Game Pass in Japan, Yoshida tweeted his congratulations.

Xbox Boss Wishes PlayStation Team Safety and Health

The positivity didn’t end there though as Spencer responded to wish Yoshida, his family, and the teams at PlayStation safety and good health. Yoshida wished the same to team Xbox and said that the company’s Inside Xbox stream. The Inside Xbox stream was held the same day that Sony revealed the PS5 controller but it seems that Yoshida did have time to watch it live.

Yoshida Spencer Xbox PlayStation tweet
Source: Twitter

Could This Make PS5 and Xbox Series X Fans Be Kind to Each Other?

The tweets could have set off a huge line of positivity as Yoshida and Spencer show PS5 and Xbox Series X fanboys how to behave well. Fans have been comparing the PS5 and Xbox Series X specs, the designs of the controllers and the potential games that they may have. Few of these comparisons have been friendly and when fans speak to each other on social media, they’re typically very negative.

However, if that’s what Yoshida and Spencer were aiming for, it didn’t work. Many of the responses to the tweet have been more of the same negativity from fans. While the tweets from the two men are positive to see, it could take much more than that to get fans acting the same.