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The Solution of Net Neutrality Is Blockchain Technology

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The paid priority/net neutrality is caused by the fact that the telecommunication industry is centralized. Big players and names controlling consumers’ network data, and coverage, and big content providers including Youtube and Netflix. Blockchain/Qlink brings smaller players in the ecosystem by empowering them to provide the same services as traditional telecoms.

The standard telecommunication industry is a centralized, inaccurate and inflexible system that poses challenges as far as distributing and billing content is concerned. Operators are known for their high transaction fees and unstable security surrounding data transmission.

As opposed to a centralized telecom model, a decentralized ecosystem could tackle such issues. Blockchain technology has proven its potential in numerous industries. From the point of view of the end-user, a decentralized mobile network leverage the necessary precision to offer more affordable, secure, and flexible data plans.

An open-source telecom infrastructure

Unlike the conventional, centralized telecommunication system, an open-source, decentralized infrastructure provides increased user privacy to the end user. Simultaneously, it could provide more flexible and convenient packages tailored to the needs and wants of customers.

In today’s digital realm, security and network breaches are common in the telecom industry. Many users are afraid that their private information could be compromised by savvy hackers eager to get their hands on critical data, such as browsing history, passwords or social security numbers.

Tailored data plans on the Blockchain

There’s more to the Blockchain than meets the eye. In an attempt to address the limitations improved by the Bitcoin-powered Blockchain and the Ethereum network, NEO was born. Better known as China’s first attempt at disrupting the crypto world, NEO announced earlier this year the launch of its Smart Contract System 2.0.

The perks of NEO could revolutionize the centralized telecom industry. The end goal is a customized, highly scalable data system that deploys smart contracts. These contracts would guarantee end users that their stored information is safe. To stand up by its premise, NEO abides by three core pillars: quantum-resistant cryptography, a bulletproof distributed ledger, and asymmetric encryption.

A decentralized Wi-Fi sharing networks with global coverage

A decentralized mobile network could disrupt traditional Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and other cloud-based communications providers. Qlink aims at leveraging the NEO Blockchain’s potential and technology to build an open-source telecom ecosystem that is capable of competing with today’s centralized, inflexible data plans.

Qlink marks a new era in the telecom industry, with the aim to provide new opportunities to end users including P2P sharing of digital assets (e.g. SMS packages, hotspot) through the creation of a flexible, data-driven decentralized mobile network.

“Qlink believes the development of the Blockchain industry as a whole will experience a long period of explorational development and then seek merger and integration. Public chain services with different purposes will communicate via agreements and protocols, similar to the TCP/IP in Internet industry today. The Telecom chain, as one of the foundational chain which supports all communication services, will be one of the pillar chains in the ecosystem, meaning Qlink has the most potential to integrate Blockchain based telecommunication in the near future.” – Susan Zhou, co-founder and COO of Qlink.

The rise of telecom-based vehicles

In an attempt to disrupt the traditional telecom industry, Qlink turns its attention to the IoV (Internet of Vehicles). The company recently signed an agreement with Cenntro Automotive Group to establish a joint venture that will combine Blockchain technology deployment and electric vehicle manufacturing. The scope of the new project is to deploy decentralized Blockchain-based telecom solutions for IoT (Internet of things) technologies.

Qlink will develop the Blockchain-based telecom platform for Cenntro Auto Group, which includes V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technology development, telecom asset registration and IoV mobile data billing. Cenntro Automotive Group is an international tech company that provides an array of electronic vehicle technology and supply chain services through its automotive manufacturing platform. What sets the Cenntro Auto’s platform is the decentralized nature, which creates a network of resources that work together to build, sell, and design vehicles.

To ensure a fully decentralized mobile network, Qlink works on the launch of its own vehicle mounted hardware, Qlink BaseStation. The goal is to let end users bring their own contribution to its 4G network coverage.